296 Consumer Finance Literacy Activities, Handouts and Guides

296 Consumer Finance Literacy Activities, Handouts and Guides

In today’s complex and increasingly digital world, learning about consumer finance topics has become an essential life skill, empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their finances and navigate the financial landscape with confidence. Financial literacy is particularly crucial for children and young people, who are laying the foundation for their future financial well-being.

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Why Consumer Finance Education Matters

Embedding consumer finance education into the lives of children and young people offers a multitude of benefits that extend far beyond simply managing money. It equips them with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to make sound financial choices, foster responsible spending habits, and plan for their future financial successes.

  • Promoting Financial Awareness: Early exposure to consumer finance helps children understand money, its value, and its role in everyday life. Early financial education prepares children for later financial products and services, such as banking, credit cards, and investments.
  • Saving and Budgeting: Learning about saving and budgeting empowers children to plan for their future goals, whether it’s saving for college, a car, or their dream vacation.
  • Debt Management: Understanding the implications of debt can help young people avoid taking on excessive debt and experiencing financial hardship later in life.
  • Instilling Responsible Financial Habits: Early exposure to financial concepts helps children understand the value of money, promote responsible spending habits and avoiding impulsive purchases.
  • Reduced Financial Stress: A strong financial foundation can significantly reduce financial stress and anxiety, promoting overall well-being and mental health.

Strategies for Effective Consumer Finance Education

Integrating consumer finance education into the lives of children and young people requires a multifaceted approach that engages them in age-appropriate and interactive ways.

Age-Tailored Curriculum: Financial education should be tailored to the cognitive and developmental stages of children and young people. Start with basic concepts and gradually introduce more complex topics as they mature.

  • Hands-on Activities: Engage children and young people in hands-on activities, such as creating budgets, playing financial simulations, and managing virtual or real money. These experiences provide practical reinforcement of financial concepts.
  • Real-Life Examples: Use real-life examples and scenarios to make financial concepts relatable and relevant to children and young people. This helps them connect the dots between financial education and their everyday lives.
  • Family Discussions: Encourage open and honest conversations about money within the family. Parents and guardians can serve as role models and mentors, sharing their own financial experiences and providing guidance.
  • Community Resources: Utilize community resources, such as workshops, seminars, and online platforms, to supplement and enhance financial education. These resources provide additional support and opportunities for learning.

296 Consumer Finance Literacy Activities, Handouts and Guides

The activities and handouts listed below can be performed in a single learning or instruction hour. Many of these activities include a teacher guide and associated student worksheet, making them convenient to put into practice. These are appropriate for the lower grades through high school.

  1. All About Credit Scores Handout
  2. All About Fafsa Handout
  3. Allowance Contract
  4. An Easy Guide to Buying a Home
  5. Analyzing Budget Scenarios Handout
  6. Analyzing Budgets Guide
  7. Analyzing Budgets Worksheet
  8. Analyzing Credit Card Statements Guide
  9. Analyzing Credit Card Statements Worksheet
  10. Analyzing Pay Stubs
  11. Ask About Ads
  12. Avoiding Debt Guide
  13. Avoiding Debt Worksheet
  14. Banking Basics Card Game Guide
  15. Becoming Familiar Taxes Guide
  16. Becoming Familiar Taxes Worksheet
  17. Being Thankful Borrower Guide
  18. Borrowing Money For House Guide
  19. Borrowing Money For House Worksheet
  20. Borrowing or Buying Guide
  21. Bouncing Ball Budgets Guide
  22. Bouncing Ball Money Choices Guide
  23. Bouncing Ball Protection Game Guide
  24. Bouncing Ball Spending Game Guide
  25. Brainstorming Household Budgets Guide
  26. Brainstorming Household Budgets Worksheet
  27. Budgeting Fun Rural Setting Guide
  28. Budgeting Fun Rural Setting Worksheet
  29. Budgeting Needs Wants Guide
  30. Budgeting Needs Wants Worksheet
  31. Building Good Borrowing Reputation Guide
  32. Building Good Borrowing Reputation Worksheet
  33. Calculating Energy Costs Guide
  34. Calculating Energy Costs Worksheet
  35. Calculating Numbers Your Paycheck Guide
  36. Calculating Numbers Your Paycheck Worksheet
  37. Car Costs
  38. Career Cluster Interest Survey
  39. Career Plan
  40. Careers Levels Education Handout
  41. Choosing Best Cell Phone Plan Guide
  42. Choosing Best Cell Phone Plan Worksheet
  43. Choosing Career Guide
  44. Choosing Career Worksheet
  45. Choosing Student Loan Guide
  46. Choosing Student Loan Worksheet
  47. Coloring Your Savings Guide
  48. Coloring Your Savings Worksheet
  49. Communicating Pay Higher Education Guide
  50. Communicating Pay Higher Education Worksheet
  51. Compare 3 Financial Aid Offers Handout
  52. Comparing Careers Income Guide
  53. Comparing Careers Income Worksheet
  54. Comparing Financial Aid Offers Guide
  55. Comparing Financial Aid Offers Worksheet
  56. Comparing Higher Education Choices Guide
  57. Comparing Higher Education Choices Worksheet
  58. Comparing Jobs and Hobbies Guide
  59. Comparing Places to Save Money Guide
  60. Comparing Saving Investing Guide
  61. Comparing Saving Investing Worksheet
  62. Comparing Stock Investments Guide
  63. Comparing Stock Investments Worksheet
  64. Comparison Shopping Tool Handout
  65. Completing Tax Forms
  66. Consumer Research Form
  67. Contrasting Long Short Term Savings Goals Guide
  68. Cosigning Loans Sharing Credit Guide
  69. Cosigning Loans Sharing Credit Worksheet
  70. Counting Cash Guide
  71. Counting Cash Worksheet
  72. Creating Buying Plan Guide
  73. Creating Buying Plan Worksheet
  74. Creating Monthly Household Budget Guide
  75. Creating Monthly Household Budget Worksheet
  76. Creating Poster Life After High School Guide
  77. Creating Presentation 529 Plans Guide
  78. Creating Presentation 529 Plans Worksheet
  79. Creating Savings First Aid Kit Guide
  80. Creating Savings First Aid Kit Worksheet
  81. Credit Card Comparison Worksheet
  82. Credit Scenarios
  83. Credit Scores Infographic Handout
  84. Decision Making T Chart
  85. Decision Making Worksheet
  86. Differentiating Secured Unsecured Loans Guide
  87. Discovering Benefits Investing Early Guide
  88. Discovering Benefits Investing Early Worksheet
  89. Distinguishing Between Credit Myths Realities Guide
  90. Distinguishing Between Credit Myths Realities Worksheet
  91. Drawing Savings Comic Strip Guide
  92. Drawing Savings Comic Strip Worksheet
  93. Drawing Your Own Business Comic Strip Guide
  94. Drawing Your Own Business Comic Strip Worksheet
  95. Earning Money Guide
  96. Earning Money Worksheet
  97. Elementary School Assessment Student Worksheet
  98. Examining Elements Paycheck Guide
  99. Experimenting With Saving Guide
  100. Exploring Community Colleges Guide
  101. Exploring Community Colleges Worksheet
  102. Exploring Different Ways Pay Your Bills Handout
  103. Exploring Entrepreneurship Guide
  104. Exploring Entrepreneurship Worksheet
  105. Exploring Needs and Wants Guide
  106. Exploring Opportunity Costs Guide
  107. Exploring Opportunity Costs Worksheet
  108. Exploring Saving and Spending Game Guide
  109. Exploring Ways Protect Whats Important Guide
  110. Exploring Ways Protect Whats Important Worksheet
  111. Factors Affecting Your Income
  112. Figuring Out How Much Tip Guide
  113. Figuring Out How Much Tip Worksheet
  114. Financial Goals Worksheet
  115. Financial Institutions Comparison Conclusions
  116. Getting Banked Guide
  117. Getting Banked Worksheet
  118. Getting Credit Card Using Wisely Guide
  119. Getting Credit Card Using Wisely Worksheet
  120. Giving Advice Consumer Protection Guide
  121. Giving Advice Consumer Protection Worksheet
  122. Giving Cause Guide
  123. Giving Cause Worksheet
  124. Goal Tracking Record
  125. Graphing Ways Make Money Guide
  126. Graphing Ways Make Money Worksheet
  127. High School Financial Assessment Worksheet
  128. How To Read Pay Stub Handout
  129. Identifying Career Guide
  130. Including Giving In Your Budget Guide
  131. Including Giving In Your Budget Worksheet
  132. Insurance Needs Throughout Life
  133. Interview Question Practice
  134. Investigating Taxes Your Life Guide
  135. Keeping Social Security Numbers Safe Handout
  136. Knowing What Costs Money Guide
  137. Knowing What Costs Money Worksheet
  138. Learning About Budgets Guide
  139. Learning About Budgets Worksheet
  140. Learning About Careers Money Monsters Guide
  141. Learning About Coins Guide
  142. Learning About Giving Money Monsters Guide
  143. Learning About Insurance Guide
  144. Learning Federal Financial Aid Guide
  145. Learning Federal Financial Aid Worksheet
  146. Learning How Fafsa Works Guide
  147. Learning How Fafsa Works Worksheet
  148. Learning Save Money Monsters Guide
  149. Making Smart Money Trades Guide
  150. Making Smart Money Trades Worksheet
  151. Making Spending Choices Guide
  152. Making Spending Choices Worksheet
  153. Managing a Checking Account
  154. Managing Credit Card Payments Guide
  155. Managing Credit Card Payments Worksheet
  156. Mapping Your Money Journey Elementary Guide
  157. Mapping Your Money Journey Middle High Guide
  158. Matching Interests Talents Careers Guide
  159. Matching Interests Talents Careers Worksheet
  160. Meeting Your Future Self Guide
  161. Meeting Your Future Self Worksheet
  162. Money 101 Student Workbook
  163. Money Monsters Learn About Careers Story
  164. Money Monsters Learn About Giving Story
  165. Money Monsters Learn Become Good Borrowers Story
  166. Money Monsters Learn Protect Their Things Story
  167. Money Monsters Learn Save Story
  168. Money Monsters Learn What Things Really Cost Story
  169. Money Monsters Start Their Own Business Book
  170. Options For Storing Savings Handout
  171. Owning Caring For Pet Handout
  172. Paying Bills Guide
  173. Paying Bills Worksheet
  174. Paying For Pet Guide
  175. Paying For Pet Worksheet
  176. Payroll Tax Federal Income Tax Withholding Guide
  177. Payroll Tax Federal Income Tax Withholding Worksheet
  178. Picturing What Youre Saving For Guide
  179. Picturing What Youre Saving For Worksheet
  180. Planning Financial Path College Graduation Guide
  181. Planning Financial Path College Graduation Worksheet
  182. Playing Banking Fact Fiction Game Guide
  183. Playing Business Game Guide
  184. Playing Business Game Worksheet
  185. Playing Career Charades Guide
  186. Playing Credit Debit Game Guide
  187. Playing Insurance Game Guide
  188. Playing Investment Game Guide
  189. Playing Investment Game Worksheet
  190. Playing Money Counting Game Guide
  191. Playing Need Or Want Game Guide
  192. Playing Saving Spending Game Guide
  193. Playing Saving Spending Game Worksheet
  194. Practicing Giving Guide
  195. Preparing to Pay Education Guide
  196. Preparing to Pay Education Worksheet
  197. Protecting Whats Important Guide
  198. Protecting Whats Important Worksheet
  199. Protecting Your Identity Online Guide
  200. Protecting Your Identity Online Worksheet
  201. Protecting Your Social Security Number Guide
  202. Protecting Yourself Against Risk Guide
  203. Protecting Yourself Against Risk Worksheet
  204. Puzzling Out Your Savings Future Guide
  205. Puzzling Out Your Savings Future Worksheet
  206. Reflecting Needs Versus Wants Guide
  207. Reflecting Needs Versus Wants Worksheet
  208. Reflecting Whats Worth Saving Guide
  209. Reflecting Whats Worth Saving Worksheet
  210. Regional Housing Cost Worksheet
  211. Researching Gig Economy Guide
  212. Researching Gig Economy Worksheet
  213. Role Playing Borrowing Lending Borrower Worksheet
  214. Role Playing Borrowing Lending Guide
  215. Role Playing Borrowing Lending Lender Worksheet
  216. Sample Credit Card Statement Handout
  217. Saving Each Payday Guide
  218. Saving Each Payday Worksheet
  219. Saving for This or That Guide
  220. Saving Investing Card Game Guide
  221. Saving Investing Venn Diagram
  222. Saving Now Later Guide
  223. Saving Now Later Worksheet
  224. Saving Post Secondary Education Guide
  225. Saving Post Secondary Education Worksheet
  226. Saving Vocabulary
  227. SEC Guide to Savings and Investing
  228. Sequencing Story About Borrowing Guide
  229. Sharing Story About Borrowing Guide
  230. Sharing Story About Borrowing Worksheet
  231. Simple Interest Worksheet
  232. Singing Song About Saving Guide
  233. Sources of Income Worksheet
  234. Speaking Publicly About Consumer Rights Guide
  235. Speaking Publicly About Consumer Rights Worksheet
  236. Spending Money Trip Guide
  237. Spending Money Trip Worksheet
  238. Spending More Than Money Pet Guide
  239. Spending More Than Money Pet Worksheet
  240. Spending Plan Worksheet
  241. Spending Scenarios Guide
  242. Starting Small Saving Up Guide
  243. Starting Small Saving Up Worksheet
  244. Starting Your Own Business Guide
  245. Starting Your Own Business Worksheet
  246. Stepping Into Savings Guide
  247. Stepping Into Savings Worksheet
  248. Storing My Savings Guide
  249. Storing My Savings Worksheet
  250. Talking With Family About Higher Education Guide
  251. Talking With Family About Higher Education Worksheet
  252. Taxes Understanding Basics Handout
  253. Turning Hobbies Into Earnings Guide
  254. Turning Hobbies Into Earnings Worksheet
  255. Types Fraud Identity Theft Guide
  256. Types Fraud Identity Theft Worksheet
  257. Types Of Insurance Handout
  258. Understand a Credit Card Rates, Fees and Terms
  259. Understanding a Credit Card Statement
  260. Understanding How Insurance Works Guide
  261. Understanding How Insurance Works Worksheet
  262. Understanding How Much Student Debt Afford Guide
  263. Understanding How Much Student Debt Afford Worksheet
  264. Understanding Jobs Teens Taxes Guide
  265. Understanding Jobs Teens Taxes Worksheet
  266. Understanding Minimum Payments Guide
  267. Understanding Minimum Payments Worksheet
  268. Understanding Our Money Choices Guide
  269. Understanding Our Money Choices Worksheet
  270. Understanding Pay Education After High School Guide
  271. Understanding Pay Education After High School Worksheet
  272. Understanding Paycheck Deductions Handout
  273. Understanding Prepaid Cards Guide
  274. Understanding Prepaid Cards Handout
  275. Understanding Redlining Guide
  276. Understanding Redlining Handout
  277. Understanding Redlining Worksheet
  278. Understanding Taxes Paycheck Guide
  279. Understanding Taxes Paycheck Worksheet
  280. Understanding Who Shapes Your Money Decisions Guide
  281. Understanding Who Shapes Your Money Decisions Worksheet
  282. Using Budget Shop Party Guide
  283. Using Budget Shop Party Worksheet
  284. Using Buying Plan Guide
  285. Using Buying Plan Worksheet
  286. Using Idioms Promote Savings Guide
  287. Using Idioms Promote Savings Worksheet
  288. Using Student Loan Calculator Guide
  289. Using Student Loan Calculator Worksheet
  290. Values and Goals
  291. What Is Debt Handout
  292. What Is Insurance Handout
  293. What is Savings & Why Is It Important
  294. Who Shapes My Money Choices Handout
  295. Writing About Giving Guide
  296. Writing About Giving Worksheet

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