Free Learn to Read Curriculum: Treasure Hunt Reading

Free Learn to Read Curriculum Treasure Hunt Reading

Through Treasure Hunt Reading (THR), your students or children will be able to gain significant reading skills in an engaging and motivating way. This free learning to read curriculum uses direct teaching based on deep phonics, which has been shown by research to make readers more proficient than other methods. The reading lesson materials consist of the workbook and videos linked below. THR uses an Orton-Gillingham, multisensory, systematic approach to reading to help students of all levels and abilities.

These four approaches combine to create a powerful and effective way to learn to read. Let’s break down each element and how they work together:

  • Phonemic Awareness: Building the sound blocks of language by identifying, manipulating, and playing with the sounds in words.
  • Orton-Gillingham: Structured ladder: explicitly linking letters and sounds, step-by-step, building on each other.
  • Multisensory: Learning through all senses by seeing, hearing, touching, and moving to solidify connections.
  • Systematic: Building a strong foundation by introducing concepts in a logical order, brick by brick.

These work together to create a strong foundation for reading development:

  • Phonemic awareness activities prepare children for understanding letter-sound relationships.
  • Orton-Gillingham’s structured approach provides a clear roadmap for learning.
  • Multisensory engagement makes learning more enjoyable and effective, especially for struggling readers like those with dyslexia.
  • Systematic progression ensures skills are built upon each other in a logical order.

Once students have mastered the ideas taught in Treasure Hunt Reading, they should be able to read at a third- or fourth-grade level, which will naturally prepare them to go on to more challenging reading materials. Please view the “Helpful Adult Training” video before starting a child on this reading course.

Topics covered and materials provided by Treasure Hunt Reading:

  • Phonemic Understanding
  • The Alphabetic Rules
  • Print Recognition
  • Letter-Sound Connections
  • Blending and Segmenting
  • Most Important 10 Rules for Decoding
  • Words with Multiple Syllables
  • 77 Phonograms
  • 30 Sight Words
  • 40 Decodable Readers at Different Levels

Treasure Hunt Reading Workbook

Treasure Hunt Reading Lessons: Workbook with Videos

Base Camp:

Journey #1:

Journey #2 Workbook: Lessons 35-68

Journey #3: lessons 69-93

Once children gain reading proficiency, they should continue to practice and enhance their reading skills by reading various types of books and stories. Here are some materials to use to keep them reading:

For more phonics-based reading instruction materials, please see the following pages:

-love learning -your best ed lessons guide, Scott

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