Hundreds of STEM Science Activities, Experiments, Projects & Lessons for Middle-High School

STEM activities and experiments help develop problem solving skills that will be useful later on in life when faced with complex challenges.

STEM activities, exercises and lessons are beneficial for children and teenagers in their learning efforts because they provide real-world applications of the concepts they learn in school. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math; these subjects are important to everyday life as well as future job prospects. These hands-on STEM activities, lessons and experiments with technology, engineering and math give students a better understanding of important STEM topics.

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

In addition to helping kids understand what is being taught at school more deeply than traditional methods do, STEM activities also help develop problem solving skills that will be useful later on in life when faced with complex challenges. Through experimentation and activities like building robots or a solar oven allows them to explore different solutions until one works out best – teaching them how to think critically about situations instead of simply relying on memorization techniques alone..

Finally, engaging in STEM related tasks encourages creativity which helps form connections between ideas that may have seemed unrelated before hand – this type of thinking is essential for success no matter what field you end up pursuing down the line! By engaging in such activities and exercises, young people will be able to build an invaluable set of tools necessary when it comes time to face any challenge ahead – making sure they’re prepared whatever lies around the corner.

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(All files are in pdf format unless otherwise indicated. Zip files contain lesson kits. Larger file sizes are indicated.)

Documents with Multiple STEM Activities and Experiments

136 STEM Activities, Experiments and Lessons (1 per document)

  1. 3,2,1-Natural Disaster
  2. 3D Printing Earth
  3. AI is no longer Sci-fi Lesson
  4. Bio-engineering for a Cure Lesson
  5. Body System Amusement Parks (6.3mb)
  6. Breakout Box Hurricane Activity
  7. Build an Atom – Inquiry-based
  8. Build a Dome Activity, Grades 5-10
  9. Build a Dome Activity, Grades 5-10.mp4 (video, 6mb)
  10. Build a Hyperloop, Grades 6-12
  11. Build a Hyperloop, Grades 6-12.mp4 (video, 15mb)
  12. Build a Molecule – Molecular Formulas and (2.2mb)
  13. Build a Thermos Activity
  14. Building a Solar Oven using Design Thinking
  15. Building a Water Filtration Plant Lesson
  16. Building Bridges Activity, Grades 6-12
  17. Building Materials to Study Heat Transfer Lesson
  18. Calculate Distance Biomass Travels to Biorefinery – Calculus based
  19. Carbon Cycle Lesson
  20. Catalysts and Reaction Rates in Bioenergy Lesson
  21. Catapult Challenge
  22. Cell Membrane – The Gatekeeper of the Cell Lesson
  23. Chemistry of Life Lesson
  24. Chemistry Simulations and Questions (23.3mb)
  25. Civil Engineering – Tower Construction Activity
  26. Coding Constellations Lessons
  27. Color Vision Remote
  28. Comparing (2.8mb)
  29. Convection Currents Activity
  30. Convection Currents Lesson, Grades 6-8
  31. Converging Lens Image Formation
  32. Cooking with Fractions Lesson
  33. Deciphering Chromosomal Mutations Caused by Radiation Lesson
  34. Demographic Data Dive Lesson
  35. Density and Properties of Wood Lesson
  36. Describing Location and Movement
  37. Design a Game Lesson with Presentation
  38. Design a Shipping Container Lesson
  39. Developing Franken Toys Lesson
  40. Digital Breakout Energy Game
  41. Disease Investigation Using Basic Math Skills Lesson
  42. Distinguishing Between Physical and Chemical Changes Lesson
  43. Diverging Lens Image Formation
  44. DIY Compass Activity, Grades 4-8
  45. Don’t Get Burnt – UV Radiation Lesson
  46. Drip Chamber Activity, Grades 4-12
  47. Dye Like a Natural Activity, Grades 6-12
  48. Egg Drop Device
  49. Eggshell Geodes
  50. Emerging Tech Lesson, Grades 7-12
  51. Energy from Chemical Reactions Lesson
  52. Energy Skate Park- Mechanical Energy
  53. Engineering Design Prototype – Simple Machines (20.3mb)
  54. Engineering for Earthquakes Lesson Activity, Grades 4-12
  55. Estimating Temperature – The Habitable Zone
  56. Europa Rover Landing System Project
  57. Exploring
  58. Extreme Weather Hurricanes Lesson
  59. eZero Island Activity, High (3.3mb)
  60. eZero Island Activity, Middle (4.3mb)
  61. eZero Island Activity Video – Island in the Wind.mp4 (20mb)
  62. Finding Lost Cities Activities
  63. Friction Activities
  64. Gas Laws Explained Through Basketballs
  65. Honey Bee Lesson Unit
  66. How To Make A Pinhole Camera
  67. How to Power your Smartphone for a Week Lesson
  68. Infrared Webcam Hack, High School
  69. Instant Ice Cream
  70. Interpreting Distance & Time Graph Activity, Middle School
  71. Introduction to (3.7mb)
  72. Introduction to Photosynthesis Lesson
  73. Investigating Climate Change at the Micro- and Macroscopic Level
  74. It’s Electric Lesson
  75. Just Dropping In Activity, Grades 4-12
  76. Lava Layering Middle School Lesson
  77. Least Time Principle
  78. Lemon Battery Lesson, Grades 4-8
  79. Lemons and Onions Activity, Middle School
  80. Making a Catapult
  81. Maker Mars Lesson
  82. Math in Ancient Civilizations Lesson
  83. Mesopotamian Filter Project
  84. Milk Polarity Activity
  85. Mission to Mars (24mb)
  86. Modeling, Questions, and Climate Change Lesson
  87. Molecular Workbench Software, Select MW.jar, Java (91.5mb)
  88. Moon Landing Challenge Lesson with Presentation
  89. Nature or Nurture Lesson, Grades 6-12
  90. Navy STEM Ocean Landing Lesson, High School
  91. Nitrogen Cycle Lesson
  92. Nuclear Chemistry Card Sort Activity
  93. Oil Spill Simulation Activity
  94. Oreo Lunar Models Activity
  95. Organelle Ailments Lesson
  96. Organization of Multicellular Organisms Lesson
  97. Pendulum Lab (Inquiry Based).zip
  98. Periodic Table Battleship Lesson, Grades 5-8
  99. pH Rainbows Lesson, Grades 5-8
  100. Potential and Kinetic Energy Lesson
  101. Project Earth Lesson
  102. Race to Find the Cure, Middle-High School
  103. Radiated Marshmallows Activity
  104. Rainbow Science Activities
  105. Reaction Rate Races Chemistry Activity, Grades 5-8
  106. Reaction Times (3.2mb)
  107. Reflection, Refraction, and Total Internal Reflection
  108. Responsible Reservoirs Activity, Grades 4-12
  109. Rube Goldberg Machines Lesson
  110. Science Fair Guide
  111. Shape, Center, and Spread of a Data Set, 6th Grade (3.6mb)
  112. Slope-Intercept Lesson and Activity
  113. Solar Cookers Lesson
  114. Solar Oven
  115. Solar System Scale and Size, Grades 5-8
  116. Statistics and Engineering Lesson
  117. Stoichiometry Explained Through Particle Diagrams Lesson
  118. Straw Rocket Lesson
  119. Testing the Waters Lesson, Grades 5-8
  120. The Egg-cellent Egg Launch
  121. The Interactive Coordinate Plane
  122. The Math Behind Circuits Lesson, Grades 4-6
  123. The Power of Waves Lesson
  124. The Sun and Solar System
  125. The Yolks on You Egg Dropping Lesson
  126. Tiny House Design Lesson
  127. Unit Conversions in Biofuel Applications Activity
  128. Waste Free Lunch
  129. Water Movement
  130. Water Muddle Up and Clean Up Lesson Plan
  131. What Just Happened – Chemical Reactions
  132. What Makes Things Move Activity
  133. What on Earth STEM Activity Pack
  134. What’s in the Water Anyway Activity
  135. Whistling Waveforms

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