Earth Science Textbooks, Lessons, Worksheets, Slides, Activities & Tests/Reviews for Middle School-H.S.

Earth Science Textbooks, Lessons, Worksheets, Slides, Reviews and Activities for Middle School-HS

This article contains a wealth of free Earth Science resources for middle school and high school students as well as their teachers, including textbooks, lessons, worksheets, slides, study notes, activities, and practice exams and reviews with answer keys.

Table of Contents for Earth Science Learning Content in this Article:

Key Areas of Earth Science

Earth science is a fascinating journey through the dynamic world around us. It encompasses a vast range of topics, from the rocks beneath our feet to the stars above, and everything in between. Here are some key areas covered in middle and high school earth science:

  • Geology: Delving deeper into the Earth’s interior by studying earthquakes, volcanoes, and the forces that shape our planet. Learn about Earth’s resources, their formation, and responsible use.
  • Meteorology: Unravel the mysteries of weather patterns, from sunny skies to stormy weather. Understand how clouds form, rain falls, and climate change impacts our planet.
  • Oceanography: Dive into the vast and diverse world of oceans, exploring their currents, waves, and life forms. Learn about the importance of oceans for climate regulation and resources.
  • Astronomy: Gaze beyond our planet to understand the solar system, stars, galaxies, and the universe. Explore the wonders of space exploration and the search for life beyond Earth.
  • Environmental Science: Understand the complex interactions between humans and the environment, addressing issues like pollution and the health of our planet..
  • Paleontology: Travel back in time through the Earth’s history, uncovering the story of life on Earth and the stages it went through to the present.
  • Natural Hazards: Studying earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides, and tsunamis, preparing for their impact, and mitigating risks.

Why Earth Science Topics are Important to Learn

Earth science is not just about memorizing facts; it’s about developing critical thinking skills, problem-solving abilities, and a deeper appreciation for our planet. By studying Earth science, you:

  • Become informed citizens: Understand the natural world around you, the challenges it faces, and the role humans play in shaping its future.
  • Develop essential skills: Learn to collect data, analyze evidence, draw conclusions, and communicate scientific ideas effectively.
  • Prepare for future careers: Earth science knowledge is valuable in fields like geology, oceanography, meteorology, environmental science, and space exploration.
  • Foster curiosity and wonder: Discover the amazing world we live in, sparking a lifelong love of learning and exploration.

Earth Science is not just a subject; it’s a gateway to understanding our place in the universe. By studying these topics, students will gain valuable knowledge, develop critical thinking skills, and become informed and responsible citizens of our planet. The more we know about Earth, the better equipped we are to appreciate its wonders, protect its resources, and discover how it all connects.

Earth Science Textbooks, Lessons, Worksheets, Slides, Activities, and Practice Tests/Reviews for Middle School – H.S.

Earth Science Textbooks

  1. 5th Grade Earth Science Textbook
  2. 6th Grade Earth Science Textbook
  3. Living with a Volcano in your Backyard, Grades 5-8
  4. Earth and Space Science Textbook, Grades 7-10
  5. Earth and Space Science Textbook, Grades 8-12
  6. Earth Science, the Physical Setting Textbook, Grades 7-12
  7. What Makes the Weather Change Textbook Grades 7-12
  8. Alaska Volcanoes Guidebook for Teachers, Grades 7-12
  9. Principles of Earth Science with Answers, H.S. Textbook
  10. High School Earth Science Textbook (links to chapters)
  11. Introduction to Earth Science Textbook, H.S. and College
  12. 13 Earth Science Textbooks, Advanced H.S. and College (folder)

Earth Science Lessons and Units

  1. All Shook Up – Earthquake Lesson, Grades 6-8 (folder)
  2. Astronomy Unit, Grade 5 (folder)
  3. Back to the Future – Climate Variation Lesson, Grades 6–8 (folder)
  4. Earth in Space Unit, Grade 8 (folder)
  5. Earth Science Lessons from Minn. GED Science Curriculum (folder)
  6. Earths Resources and Human Impact Unit, Grade 7 (folder)
  7. Ecosystem Dynamics Unit, Grade 7 (folder)
  8. How The World Ends – Coronal Mass Ejections, Space Storms Unit, HS (folder)
  9. Lesson on Water Erosion and Wind Erosion on Soil
  10. Plate Tectonics and Rock Cycling Unit (folder)
  11. Protecting Earths Resources Unit, Grade 5 (folder)
  12. Quakeland – Earthquakes In Oklahoma Lesson, High School (folder)
  13. School Yard Geology Lessons (folder)
  14. The Atmospheric Filter Lesson Unit
  15. This Dynamic Earth Lessons an Activities (folder)
  16. Weather Climate and Water Cycling Unit, Grade 6 (folder)

Earth Science Worksheets, Slides, Study Guides and Notes

  1. 40 Earth Science Literacy Lab Worksheets (folder)
  2. 117 Things to Know for the NY Regents ES Exam
  3. Absoutle Dating Worksheet with Answer Key
  4. Agents of Erosion Slides with Worksheet
  5. Continental Drift Theory Slides with Worksheets
  6. Dew Point and Relative Humidity Study Guide
  7. Directions Packet
  8. Earth Day Reading with Questions and Answers
  9. Earth in the Universe Study Notes and Slides
  10. Earth Math Problems with Answers from NASA, Grades 5-12
  11. Earth Moon Sun Study Notes and Slides
  12. Earth Processes Rocks Study Guide with Answer Key
  13. Earth Science from Wikipedia
  14. Earth Science Glossary
  15. Earth Science Key Concepts Worksheets with Answer Key
  16. Earth Science Labfest Review with Answer Key
  17. Earth Science Reference Table ESRT H.S. NY 2001 edition
  18. Earth Science Reference Table ESRT H.S. NY 2011-12 edition
  19. Earth Science Reference Table Review, HS-College
  20. Earth Science Reference Table, Middle-High School
  21. Earth Science Regents Booklet
  22. Earth Science Review with Answers
  23. Earth Science Review Worksheets with Answer Key 1
  24. Earth Science Review Worksheets with Answer Key 2
  25. Earth Science Review
  26. Earth Science Stations Worksheet with Answer Key
  27. Earthquake Calculations with Answer Key
  28. Earthquake Worksheet with Answer Key
  29. Earthquakes and Interior Review with Answer Key
  30. Earth’s History Review Sheet
  31. Earth’s Processes Rocks and Minerals Study Guide with Answer Key
  32. Ecosystems Worksheet and Slides
  33. Energy and Heat Study Guide
  34. Energy and Insolation Study Notes and Slides
  35. Energy Worksheets with Answer Key and Slides
  36. Erosion-Deposition Systems Worksheet with Answer Key
  37. Geologic History Study Notes Slides
  38. Geology Unit 1 Worksheets and Slides, Grades 7-9
  39. Geology Unit 2 Worksheets and Slides, Grades 7-9
  40. Geology Unit 3 Worksheets and Slides, Grades 7-9
  41. Geology Unit 4 Worksheets and Slides, Grades 7-9
  42. Glaciers Worksheet and Slides
  43. Glossary of Earth Science Terms
  44. Glossary of Geological Terms
  45. Groundwater Worksheets Parts 1 & 2 with Answer Key
  46. Heating the Atmosphere Worksheet with Answer Key
  47. How Rocks Differ From Minerals Slides
  48. Introduction to Earth Science Worksheets with Answer Key & Slides
  49. Introduction to Soil Systems Slides
  50. Journey Through the Air Presentation
  51. Lake Effect Snow Worksheet with Answer Key
  52. Landscape Development and Environmental Change Slides
  53. Layers of the Earth Slides with Worksheets
  54. Living vs Non-Living Organisms Worksheets and Slides
  55. Matter Cycles Worksheet and Answer Key
  56. Measuring the Earth Study Notes and Slides
  57. Measuring the Earth Worksheets with Answer Key & Slides
  58. Moon Review Packet
  59. Natural Resources Energy Resources Study Guide with Answer Key
  60. Natural Resources Land Resources Study Guide with Answer Key
  61. Natural Resources Water as a Resource Study Guide with Answer Key
  62. Nitrogen and Phosphorus Cycles Worksheet and Slides
  63. Phases of The Moon Worksheet with Answer Key
  64. Plate Boundaries Slides with Worksheets
  65. Plate Tectonics Slides with Worksheets
  66. Plate Tectonics Slides
  67. Radioactive Decay Slides
  68. Relative Dating Principles Worksheet with Answer Key
  69. Rocks and Minerals Study Notes and Slides
  70. Seasons Worksheet with Answer Key
  71. Solar Energy, Winds, Ocean Currents Worksheet and Slides
  72. Suns Path & Altitude of Polaris Worksheet & Answer Key
  73. Tectonics Study Guide with Answer Key
  74. The Atmosphere Slides
  75. The Planets in the Solar System Slides
  76. Time and Longitude Problems with Answers
  77. Topographic Maps Slides
  78. Topographic Maps Worksheet with Answer Key
  79. Volcanoes and Earthquakes Slides with Worksheets
  80. Voyage Into Planet Earth Presentation
  81. Water and Carbon Cycles Worksheet and Slides
  82. Water and Climate Study Notes and Slides
  83. Water Cycle Worksheet with Answer Key
  84. Water Quality And Conservation Study Guide wit Answer Key
  85. Water Table Worksheet with Answer Key
  86. Weather Flashcards
  87. Weather Meteorology Study Notes and Slides
  88. Weather Study Guide
  89. Weathering Erosion Deposition Study Guide
  90. Weathering Worksheet with Answer Key
  91. Weathering, Erosion and Deposition Study Guide
  92. Weathering, Erosion and Deposition Study Notes and Slides

Earth Science Activities

  1. 101 Earth Science Demonstrations
  2. 91 Earth Science Lab Learning Activities (folder)
  3. Acid Rain Acitivity
  4. Adaptive Earth Science Activities
  5. Astronomy Activities for Middle School Students
  6. Build a Seismometer
  7. Build a Sundial
  8. Build a Weather Station
  9. Digging the Earth’s Crust
  10. Earth from Space Study and Activities
  11. Earth Science Project Ideas and Vocabulary
  12. Earth Science Unit Activities
  13. Evaluating an Illinois Earthquake
  14. Exploring Minerals Properties Lab
  15. GeoHunt, Middle School
  16. Geologic Time Travel Project
  17. Gliding Glaciers
  18. Greenhouse Effect Activity
  19. Hands-On Mineral Education Activities
  20. Layers of the Earth Project
  21. Make a Barometer
  22. Make a Fossil
  23. Make a Glacier Model of Michigan
  24. Make a Star Wheel
  25. Make an Anemometer, Wind Speed Indicator
  26. Maps and Models Activities for Middle School Students
  27. Materials that Absorb Solar Energy
  28. Meteorology Activities for Middle School Students
  29. Plate Techtonics Activities for Middle School Students
  30. Radioactive Skittles Lab
  31. Recreating the Greenhouse Effect
  32. Rocks and Minerals Activities for Middle School Students
  33. Solar Heat Experiment
  34. Solar Hot Dog Cooker
  35. Temperature Inversion Activity
  36. The Greenhouse Effect, Middle School
  37. The Rocks Under Illinois
  38. The Water Cycle Activity, Student Sheet & Teacher Guide
  39. Three Dimensional Geology
  40. Understanding Groundwater
  41. Using Google Maps to Study Volcanoes
  42. Using Solar Energy, Solar Baker
  43. Volcano in the Lab
  44. Water Activities for Middle School Students
  45. Water Visible and Invisible
  46. Weather Project Ideas
  47. Weathering and Erosion
  48. What is Wind

Earth Science Reviews, Quizes and Practice Tests with Answer Keys

  1. Air Masses And Fronts Review with Answer Key
  2. Astronomy Multiple Choice with Interactive Answers
  3. Atmospheric Variable Relationships Review with Answer Key
  4. Change Review with Answer Key
  5. Climate Multiple Choice with Interactive Answers
  6. Climates Review with Answer Key 1
  7. Climates Review with Answer Key 2
  8. Deep Space Review with Answer key
  9. Density Review with Answer Key
  10. Dimensions of Earth Multiple Choice with Interactive Answers
  11. Dynamic Crust Multiple Choice with Interactive Answers
  12. Dynamic Crust Review and Practice Packet
  13. Earth Science 1st Quarter Review with Answer Key
  14. Earth Science HS Test Questions with Answer Key
  15. Earth Science Midterm Exam 1 with Answer Key
  16. Earth Science Midterm Exam 2 with Answer Sheet & Key
  17. Earth Science Midterm Exam 3 with Answer Sheet & Key
  18. Earth Science Midterm Exam 4 with Answer Sheet & Key
  19. Earth Science Midterm Exam 5 with Answer Sheet & Key
  20. Earth Science Midterm Review 1 with Bolded Answer Key
  21. Earth Science Midterm Review 2 with Bolded Answer Key
  22. Earth Science Midterm Review 3 with Bolded Answer Key
  23. Earth Science Midterm Review 4 with Answer Key
  24. Earth Science Midterm Test with Bolded Answer Key
  25. Earth Science Practice Test with Answer Key
  26. Eclipses And Tides Review with Answer Key
  27. Electromagnetic Energy & Heat Transfer Review with Answer Key
  28. Energy Review with Answer Key 1
  29. Energy Review with Answer Key 2
  30. Galaxies And Stars Quiz Review with Bolded Answer Key
  31. Geology Practice Test with Answer key
  32. Geology Review Questions with Answer key
  33. History of The Earth Multiple Choice with Interactive Answers
  34. Intro To Astronomy Quiz Review with Bolded Answer Key
  35. Meteorology Multiple Choice with Interactive Answers’
  36. Minerals Quiz Review with Answer Key
  37. Miscellaneous Earth Science Questions with Answer Key
  38. NY H.S. Earth Science Exams With Answer Keys (folder)
  39. Rocks And Minerals Multiple Choice with Interactive Answers
  40. Rotation Revolution Helio Geo Review with Answer Key
  41. Science Bowl Questions and Answers for Earth Science
  42. Solar System Quiz Review with Bolded Answer Key
  43. Solar System Review with Answer Key
  44. Stars Review with Answer Key
  45. Streams Review Quiz with Answer Key
  46. Sun and Celestial Spheres Review Quiz with Answer Key
  47. Suns Path Midterm Review Questions with Answer Key 1
  48. Suns Path Midterm Review Questions with Answer Key 2
  49. The Universe Quiz Review with Bolded Answer Key
  50. Weather Fronts Quiz with Answer Key
  51. Weather Fronts Review with Answer Key 1
  52. Weather Fronts Review with Answer Key 2
  53. Weather Station Models Review with Answer Key
  54. Weathering Erosion and Deposition Multiple Choice with Interactive Answers

Online Earth Science Learning Resources

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