Free Calculus Learning Materials and Resources

Free Calculus Learning Materials and Resources

Here are many free Calculus learning materials and teaching resources, covering all major areas of calculus.

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Calculus is all about understanding change. It’s like having a magnifying glass for motion, letting you see not just where things are but how fast they’re getting there and how much stuff accumulates along the way. It’s like the language of change!

Here’s a breakdown of the key concepts:

  • Functions: Imagine a machine that takes in numbers (inputs) and spits out other numbers (outputs). That’s a function! Calculus helps us analyze how these outputs change as the inputs do.
  • Derivatives: Think of them as the “instantaneous change rates” of functions. They tell you how fast something is moving up or down at any given moment, like the slope of a hill at a specific point.
  • Differentiation: This is the process of finding derivatives. It’s like figuring out the “gears and levers” inside the machine that control how the outputs change with the inputs.
  • Integrals: These are the opposite of derivatives. They add up “infinitesimal slices” of a function (imagine tiny rectangles under a curve) to tell you the total “stuff” it represents. Think of it like calculating the area under a curve.
  • Integration: This is the process of finding integrals. It’s like collecting all the tiny pieces and putting them together to get the whole picture.

Why Learn Calculus?

Calculus isn’t just about fancy math tricks. It’s a powerful tool used in countless fields:

  • Physics: Calculating motion, forces, and energy
  • Engineering: Designing bridges, buildings, and machines
  • Economics: Modeling markets, investments, and growth
  • Computer Science: Optimizing algorithms and graphics
  • Medicine: Understanding blood flow, drug dosage, and disease progression

Calculus trains your brain to think critically about change, solve complex problems, and make sense of real-world phenomena. It’s like a mental superpower that unlocks doors in various fields.

Benefits in Life and Career:

  • Stronger problem-solving skills: Apply analytical thinking to everyday challenges.
  • Improved quantitative reasoning: Make informed decisions based on data and trends.
  • Deeper understanding of the world: See the “hidden math” behind everything from rocket launches to weather patterns.
  • Competitive edge in STEM careers: Open doors to high-demand jobs in various fields.
  • Boosted critical thinking and creativity: Develop skills valuable in any profession.

Remember, calculus might seem daunting at first, but it’s like climbing a mountain: the view from the top is worth the effort. With dedication and practice, you can unlock the power of change and see the world in a whole new light. For more calculus content, please visit 78 Calculus Cheat Sheets, Reviews, Formulas and Textbooks.

Calculus Learning Materials and Resources (pdf)

  1. A Brief Guide to Calculus 2
  2. A Reform Approach to Business Calculus
  3. Active Calculus Textbook
  4. An Introduction to Calculus – Limits, Derivatives, and Integrals
  5. Antiderivatives and Indefinite Integrals Notebook
  6. Antiderivatives and the Indefinite Integral
  7. AP Calculus AB Multiple Choice Test with Solutions
  8. AP Calculus AB Pre-Exam with Answers
  9. AP Calculus AB Worksheets with Answers
  10. AP Calculus Cheat Sheet
  11. AP Calculus Problem Book, with Answers
  12. Study Guide for the AP Calculus AB Examination
  13. Apex Calculus Textbook with Answers to Odd-Numbered Problems
  14. Applications of Integration
  15. Applied Calculus Textbook
  16. Basic Calculus Refresher
  17. Basic Differentiation – A Refresher
  18. Business Calculus Problems with Solutions
  19. Calculus 1 Review Problems with Answers
  20. Calculus 1 Review with Solutions
  21. Calculus 1 Second Semester Textbook
  22. Calculus 1 Test Review and Solutions
  23. Calculus 2 Examples and Solutions
  24. Calculus 2 Examples, Problems and Solutions
  25. Calculus 2 Final Exam with Answers & Solutions
  26. Calculus 2 for Engineers
  27. Calculus 2 Integal Calculus
  28. Calculus 2 Midterm Exam with Solutions
  29. Calculus 2 Problems with Answers
  30. Calculus 2 Problems with Solutions
  31. Calculus 2 Review with Solutions
  32. Calculus 2 Textbook
  33. Calculus 2 with Analytic Geometry Textbook
  34. Calculus 2 Workbook with Answers
  35. Calculus Applied to Probability and Statistics
  36. Calculus Cheat Sheet
  37. Calculus Lecture Notes, First Semester
  38. Calculus Lecture Notes, Second Semester
  39. Calculus on the Number e
  40. Calculus Refresher
  41. Calculus Textbook
  42. Calculus with Parametric Equations
  43. Common Derivatives and Integrals
  44. Conics and Calculus
  45. Derivatives Cheat Sheet
  46. Derivatives of ln and e
  47. Derivatives of Polynomial, Exponential, Trig & Log Functions
  48. Derivatives of Trig Functions
  49. Detailed Review for Calculus 1A
  50. Detailed Review for Calculus 1B
  51. Differential Calculus from Khan (504mb)
  52. Differential Equations
  53. Differentiation and Integration Formulas
  54. Fourier Series
  55. Functionals and the Functional Derivative
  56. Fundamentals of Calculus Textbook
  57. Geometric Series Problems with Solutions
  58. Implicit Differentiation and Logarithmic Differentiation
  59. Improper Integrals
  60. Infinite Sequences and Series
  61. Infinite Series
  62. Integral Calculus Exercises with Examples and Answers
  63. Integral Calculus Formula Sheet
  64. Integral of the Natural Log
  65. Integral Problems and Solutions
  66. Integrated Calculus 2 Exam and Solutions
  67. Integration by Parts
  68. Integration Formulas and the Substitution Rule
  69. Integration Review Sheet
  70. Integration Substitution Method Worksheet with Solutions
  71. Integration-Worked Examples
  72. Logarithmic Differentiation
  73. Logarithms and Calculus
  74. Matrix Calculus – Derivation and Simple Application
  75. Multiple Integrals and Vector Calculus
  76. Multivariable Calculus Formula and Theorem Review
  77. Multivariable Calculus Lecture Notes
  78. Multivariable Calculus Problems and Solutions
  79. Multivariable Calculus, Early Transcendentals Textbook, with Answers
  80. Multivariable Calculus, Late Transcendentals Textbook, with Answers
  81. Multivariate Calculus Final Exam with Solutions
  82. Numerical Approximations of Definite Integrals
  83. Parametric Integration Techniques
  84. Partial Derivatives and Differentials: Explanations with Examples
  85. Partial Fractions for Quotient of Polynomials
  86. Partial Fractions Worksheet
  87. Polar Coordinates
  88. Power Series
  89. Power, Taylor, and Maclaurin Series Survival Guide
  90. Related Rates of Change Problems with Solutions
  91. Review of Differentiation and Integration
  92. Second-Order Linear Differential Equations, with Solutions
  93. Series Convergence-Divergence Flow Chart
  94. Short Introduction to Calculus for Business
  95. Single Variable Calculus Problems with Detailed Solutions
  96. Single Variable Calculus, Early Transcendentals Textbook, with Answers
  97. Single Variable Calculus, Late Transcendentals Textbook, with Answers
  98. Strategy for Integration, with Solutions
  99. Substitution Techniques
  100. Taylor Series Formulas
  101. Techniques of Integration
  102. The Calculus of Several Variables Textbook
  103. The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus Problems with Solutions
  104. The Second Derivative Test
  105. The Two Fundamental Theorems of Calculus
  106. Things You Should Know Before Beginning Calculus 2
  107. Trigonometric Integrals with Solutions
  108. Understanding Basic Calculus with Solutions & Answers
  109. Vector Calculus Textbook
  110. Vector Calculus Useful Stuff
  111. Vector Calculus

Calculus Handouts & Presentations from UMass OpenCourseware:

Copyright 2014, Catalin Zara. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License by UMass Boston OpenCourseWare, no changes were made. All files are in pdf format.

  1. Chain Rule
  2. Conservative Fields
  3. Constrained Optimization
  4. Continuity
  5. Cross Product
  6. Curl Theorem
  7. Curvilinear Coordinates
  8. Derivative as a Function
  9. Derivative at a Point
  10. Differentiation Formulas
  11. Directional Derivatives
  12. Divergence Theorem
  13. Dot Product
  14. Double Integrals in Polar Coordinates
  15. Double Integrals
  16. Functions
  17. Fundamental Theorems
  18. Geometry of Lines and Planes
  19. Green’s Theorem
  20. Implicit Functions
  21. Limit Laws
  22. Limits and Continuity
  23. Limits
  24. Line Integrals
  25. Linearizations
  26. Lines and Planes
  27. More about Limits
  28. Numbers and Functions
  29. Operations with Functions
  30. Optimization
  31. Parametric Curves
  32. Parametrized Surfaces
  33. Partial Derivatives
  34. Rectangular Coordinates
  35. Surface Integrals
  36. Vectors

Online Calculus Learning Materials and Resources

Math 148 Business Calculus Course

Shana Calaway.. Open Course Library: MATH&148 Business Calculus. The Open Course Library. Washington State Board for Community & Technical Colleges, March 2013. All files are in pdf format.

– love learning -your best ed lessons guide, Scott

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