Free K-6 Social Studies Curriculum Lessons, Workbooks, Sourcebooks & Videos

Free K-6 Social Studies Curriculum Manuals, Workbooks and Sourcebooks

Open Social Studies is a K–6 free social studies curriculum that is inquiry-driven and literacy-focused, providing lesson manuals, workbooks, sourcebooks, and videos. All students, beginning in the early primary years, should be exposed to consistent teaching in social studies, covering history, civics, geography, and economics. However, expectations on schools and instructors to focus teaching in other subject areas often come at the cost of learning social studies.

Table of Contents:

This curriculum was designed to meet critical literacy objectives while supporting teachers and parents of students in kindergarten through sixth grade in implementing authentic and robust social studies in their classrooms or at home. In other words, it uses the complexity of social studies material to help students with learning to read, write, and think critically while examining the past and present. Furthermore, it strives to make every lesson culturally relevant, relating to the increasingly varied racial, ethnic, gender, class, and language populations in the U.S.

Lesson and Content Organization

Teachers and parents are invited to alter and adapt these lesson plans to meet the demands of their students’ different cultural backgrounds. Both .pdf and .docx files are provided, and file sizes greater than 10 mb are indicated. The lessons can be considered a guide, or a “starter kit”, for instructing and learning about key social issues and social studies subjects. Additionally, these social studies courses should be supplemented with relevant English language arts (ELA) materials.

This curriculum is arranged by grade level with a guiding theme, and each grade is color-coded for easy identification. A roadmap at the beginning of each grade level is provided that highlights the different lesson themes. Furthermore, each lesson plan adheres to the same lesson plan design and always contains a stimulating investigation question for students to answer as well as primary and secondary sources to be applied as justification. The K-2 grade lessons ought to be 30 minutes long, while the grades 3-6 lessons should run for 45 minutes. However, subject to your students’ rate, lessons may need to be split into two or more 30- or 45-minute segments.

Applying Curriculum Resources

This social studies curriculum has three different types of materials:

  • Instructor Lesson Manual: All of the lesson plans, including standards, workflows, and assessment directions, are included in the instructor manuals.
  • Student Workbook: All of the student handouts and other resources that instructors or parents will need for the exercises and tasks are included in the student workbooks.
  • Student Sourcebook: These contain all of the content needed for numerous inquiry tasks, as well as all of the documents required for all of the activities.

Free K-6 Social Studies Curriculum Lessons, Workbooks, Sourcebooks & Videos

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