4,500 Free Online Courses from Alison

4,500 Free Online Courses from Alison

Alison (Advance Learning Interactive Systems Online) has curated and makes available more than 4,500 free online courses that cover many areas and subjects, such as Information Technology, Art and Design, Personal Development, Digital Literacy, Homeschool courses, and many career orientated topics. All of their free online courses are now advertising-free and new courses are added weekly. Students can study at their own pace with all of these courses, whenever you want, wherever you want. And you have the option to purchase a certificate if desired, on successfully completing the course assessment (score of 80% or more required to pass and you can retake it at anytime.). After finishing any course, you may access your learner record in order to show proof of completion.

Alison accounts may be created with either an email address or a social networking profile. Creating an account on the Alison website costs you nothing and grants you unrestricted access to all features. Visit their study areas or peruse their course categories to get a feel for the kind of education that most interests you. Alison also offers Certificate courses, and Diploma courses, and free Careers Guidance, a CV builder, a Personality Assessment and a Workplace Wellbeing Assessment. Their new app is now available for iOS and Android. More details on all of their free educational services are available here.

Here are the free learning and educational Hubs that Alison offers:

In conclusion, the courses offered by Alison are widely regarded as being of high quality and are available to everyone with an internet connection at no cost. The courses are developed by professionals in the field, and they have quizzes and tests so that students can gauge their progress and mastery of the material. Overall, Alison is a trustworthy online learning platform, and its courses are useful for anybody who wants to expand their understanding of a topic.

– love learning -your best ed lessons guide, Scott

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