87 Cosmology and Astronomy Videos by Khan Academy

87 Cosmology and Astronomy Videos by Khan Academy.zip

This is the collection of tutorial videos from Khan Academy covering astronomy and cosmology, for upper middle school and high school students. It is zipped together in one downloadable file that is 436 mb in size. After unzipping it, the videos will be located in a folder named “87 Cosmology and Astronomy Videos by Khan Academy”. To start viewing them, double click on the index.html file in that fiolder, and the high-level table of contents page will open in your browser (seen in the screen shot below). So these educational videos will be available to you anytime and you will not need an internet connection enjoy and learn from them.

The videos will give you a good understanding and hopefully you’ll grasp a little bit more about our Universe and its many  topics, including “Big History”. The following is a topical listing for the areas taught by them.

Scale of the Universe – 20 videos – Things in our universe can be unimaginably large and small. In this topic, we’ll try to imagine the unimaginable!

  • Scale of the Small and Large videos:
    • Scale of the Large
    • Scale of the Small
  • Light and Fundamental Forces videos:
    • Introduction to Light
    • Four fundamental Forces
  • Scale of Earth, Sun, Galaxy and Universe videos:
    • Scale of Earth and Sun
    • Scale of Solar System
    • Scale of Distance to Closest Stars
    • Scale of the Galaxy
    • Intergalactic Scale
    • Hubble Image of Galaxies
  • Time Scale of the Cosmos videos:
    • Cosmological Time Scale 1
    • Cosmological Time Scale 2
  • Big Bang and Expansion of the Universe videos:
    • Big Bang Introduction
    • Radius of Observable Universe
    • Red shift
    • Cosmic Background Radiation
    • Cosmic Background Radiation 2
    • Hubble’s Law
    • A Universe Smaller than the Observable

Stars, Black Holes and Galaxies
– 21 videos – Our universe is defined by stars. This topic explores how they came to be and where they end up. It includes a discussion of black holes and galaxies.

  • Life and Death of Stars videos:
    • Birth of Stars
    • Accreting Mass Due to Gravity Simulation
    • Becoming a Red Giant
    • White and Black Dwarfs
    • Star Field and Nebula Images
    • Lifecycle of Massive Stars
    • Supernova (Supernovae)
    • Supernova clarification
    • Black Holes
    • Supermassive Black Holes
  • Quasars and Galactive Collisions videos:
    • Quasars
    • Quasar Correction
    • Galactic Collisions
  • Stellar Parallax videos:
    • Parallax in Observing Stars
    • Stellar Parallax
    • Stellar Distance Using Parallax
    • Stellar Parallax Clarification
    • Parsec Definition
  • Cepheid Variables videos:
    • Cepheid Variables
    • Why Cepheids Pulsate
    • Why Gravity Gets So Strong Near Dense Objects

Earth Geological and Climatic History – 21 videos – What is the Earth made up of and how do we know? What causes the seasons? Are there longer-ranging cycles in Earth’s climate?

  • Plate Tectonics videos:
    • Plate Tectonics: Difference Between Crust and Lithosphere
    • Structure of the Earth
    • Plate Tectonics: Evidence of Plate Movement
    • Plate Tectonics: Geological Features of Divergent Plate Boundaries
    • Plate Tectonics: Geological Features of Convergent Plate Boundaries
    • Plates Moving Due To Convection In Mantle
    • Hawaiian Islands Formation
    • Pangaea
    • Compositional and Mechanical Layers of the Earth
    • How We Know About the Earth’s Core
  • Seismic Waves and How We Know Earth’s Structure videos:
    • S-waves and P-waves
    • Why S-Waves Only Travel in Solids
    • Refraction of Seismic Waves
    • The Mohorovicic Seismic Discontinuity
  • Earth’s Rotation and Tilt videos:
    • Seasons Aren’t Dictated By Closeness to Sun
    • Why Our Closeness to the Sun Does Not Dictate The Seasons
    • How Earth’s Tilt Causes Seasons
    • Are Southern Hemisphere Seasons More Severe?
    • Milankovitch Cycles Precession and Obliquity
    • Precession Causing Perihelion to Happen Later
    • Apsidal Precession and Milankovitch Cycles

Life On Earth and In the Universe – 25 videos – When and how did life emerge on Earth? How did humanity develop a civilization? Is there other intelligent life out there?

87 Cosmology and Astronomy Videos by Khan Academy

– love learning -your best ed lessons guide, Scott

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