202 Physics Videos by Khan Academy

202 Physics Videos by Khan Academy.zip

These 202 Khan Academy Physics educational and tutorial videos cover projectile motion, mechanics and electricity and magnetism for upper grade levels and high school students. A good understanding of algebra (or algebra I and algebra II videos) and basic knowledge of trigonometry (or trigonometry videos) are necessary. All are contained and in this one downloadable zip file (1.01 gb). After downloading and unzipping, they will be in folder named “202 Physics Videos by Khan Academy”, and to start viewing the videos click on the index.html file to see the top level table of contents shown in the screen shot below. You will not need an internet connection to watch them, as all will be on your local device or hard drive. You may also be interested in our post for 10 High School Physics and Physical Science Text Books.

Topics covered by these 202 physics videos:

One-Dimensional Motion – 21 videos
In this tutorial we begin to explore ideas of velocity and acceleration. We do exciting things like throw things off of cliffs (far safer on paper than in real life) and see how high a ball will fly in the air.

Two-Dimensional Motion – 24 videos
You understand velocity and acceleration well in one-dimension. Now we can explore scenarios that are even more fun. With a little bit of trigonometry (you might want to review your basic trig, especially what sin and cos are), we can think about whether a baseball can clear the “green monster” at Fenway Park.

Forces and Newton’s Laws of Motion – 21 videos
This tutorial is the meat of much of classical physics. We think about what a force is and how Newton changed the world’s (and possibly your) view of how reality works.

Work and Energy – 10 videos
Work and energy. Potential energy. Kinetic energy. Mechanical advantage. Springs and Hooke’s law.

Impacts and Linear Momentum – 4 videos
Linear momentum. Conservation of momentum. Elastic collisions.

Moments, Torque, And Angular Momentum – 6 videos
Thinking about making things rotate. Center of mass, torque, moments and angular velocity.

Gravitation – 8 videos
Classical gravity. How masses attract each other (according to Newton).

Oscillatory motion – 3 videos
Pendulums. Slinkies. You when you have to use the bathroom but it is occupied. These all go back and forth over and over and over again. This tutorial explores this type of motion.

Fluids – 12 videos

Thermodynamics – 40 videos

Electricity and magnetism – 30 videos

Waves and optics – 23 videos

202 Physics Videos by Khan Academy

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