22 Great Free Reading & Writing Learning Resources at Teaching That Makes Sense

Teaching That Makes Sense offers the following well presented and easy to follow educational lessons and guides to help teach and learn reading and writing, for elementary and middle school students.

LEARNING PATTERNS: Thinking Skill Strategies Across the Curriculum
READING ALLOWED: Making Sure the First “R” Comes First
THE WRITING TEACHER’S STRATEGY GUIDE: Practical Lessons For All Grade Levels
THE 3P GRADING SYSTEM: A Faster, Fairer, Easier Way to Grade
LEARNING ACROSS THE CURRICULUM: Dozens of Powerful Easy-to-Use Strategies For All Subject Areas
PROMPTED WRITING: Everything You Need to Prepare Your Kids For High-Stakes State Tests
WELCOME TO WRITER’S WORKSHOP: A Quick and Easy Introduction For a Quick and Successful Start
ALL’S WELL THAT SPELLS WELL: A Fast and Fabulous Getting Started Guide to Research-Based Spelling Instruction
THE SAGIS (“Say-Jiss”) ASSESSMENT MODEL: A Strengths-Based Integrated Model For Planning, Assessment, and Reporting
THE FIVE FACTS OF FICTION: A Great Way to Write Fun Stories and a Fun Way to Have a Great Time Reading Them
READ LIKE A READER; READ LIKE A WRITER: A Powerful Approach to Reading Response
WHAT CAN YOU SAY ABOUT A BOOK? Expanding Critical Thinking Skills Through Book Reviews and Literacy Criticism
WHAT IS GOOD WRITING? A Detailed Look at Writing Through the Six Traits Criteria and Authentic Student Work
YOU WANT ME TO TEACH WRITING NOW, TOO? Writing Across the Curriculum Made Easy
ASSESSING WRITERS; ASSESSING WRITING: Guiding Instruction Through Observation and Analysis
COMPREHENSIVE COMPREHENSION: A 360-Degree View of How Readers Understand Texts
K-12 STUDENT WRITING SAMPLES: Authentic Work Compiled by The Common Core State Standards Initiative (CCSSI)
ASSESSMENT THAT MAKES SENSE: An Incredibly Short and Unusually Practical Guide to Best Practice in Assessment
AN INTRODUCTION TO THE WRITING PROCESS: A Unit on Pre-Writing, Drafting, Revising, Editing, and Publishing with an Authentic Student Writing Sample
THE HANDOUTS: Single-Page Reading and Writing Lessons You Can Give to Your Students
THE ORGANIZERS: More Good Stuff About Teaching and Learning Than You’ve Ever Seen Thoughtfully Arranged on Single Pieces of Paper
THE POSTERS: Essential Information About Reading and Writing in a Handy 11 x 17 Format
22 Great Free Reading & Writing Learning Resources at Teaching That Makes Sense

-love learning -your best ed lessons guide, Scott

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