22 Great Free Reading & Writing Learning Resources at Teaching That Makes Sense

Teaching That Makes Sense offers the following well-presented and easy-to-follow educational lessons and guides to help teach and learn reading and writing for elementary and middle school students. All files below are in pdf format.

LEARNING PATTERNS: Thinking Skill Strategies Across the Curriculum
READING ALLOWED: Making Sure the First “R” Comes First
THE WRITING TEACHER’S STRATEGY GUIDE: Practical Lessons For All Grade Levels
THE 3P GRADING SYSTEM: A Faster, Fairer, Easier Way to Grade
LEARNING ACROSS THE CURRICULUM: Dozens of Powerful Easy-to-Use Strategies For All Subject Areas
PROMPTED WRITING: Everything You Need to Prepare Your Kids For High-Stakes State Tests
WELCOME TO WRITER’S WORKSHOP: A Quick and Easy Introduction For a Quick and Successful Start
ALL’S WELL THAT SPELLS WELL: A Fast and Fabulous Getting Started Guide to Research-Based Spelling Instruction
THE SAGIS (“Say-Jiss”) ASSESSMENT MODEL: A Strengths-Based Integrated Model For Planning, Assessment, and Reporting
THE FIVE FACTS OF FICTION: A Great Way to Write Fun Stories and a Fun Way to Have a Great Time Reading Them
READ LIKE A READER; READ LIKE A WRITER: A Powerful Approach to Reading Response
WHAT CAN YOU SAY ABOUT A BOOK? Expanding Critical Thinking Skills Through Book Reviews and Literacy Criticism
WHAT IS GOOD WRITING? A Detailed Look at Writing Through the Six Traits Criteria and Authentic Student Work
YOU WANT ME TO TEACH WRITING NOW, TOO? Writing Across the Curriculum Made Easy
ASSESSING WRITERS; ASSESSING WRITING: Guiding Instruction Through Observation and Analysis
COMPREHENSIVE COMPREHENSION: A 360-Degree View of How Readers Understand Texts
K-12 STUDENT WRITING SAMPLES: Authentic Work Compiled by The Common Core State Standards Initiative (CCSSI)
ASSESSMENT THAT MAKES SENSE: An Incredibly Short and Unusually Practical Guide to Best Practice in Assessment
AN INTRODUCTION TO THE WRITING PROCESS: A Unit on Pre-Writing, Drafting, Revising, Editing, and Publishing with an Authentic Student Writing Sample
THE HANDOUTS: Single-Page Reading and Writing Lessons You Can Give to Your Students
THE ORGANIZERS: More Good Stuff About Teaching and Learning Than You’ve Ever Seen Thoughtfully Arranged on Single Pieces of Paper
THE POSTERS: Essential Information About Reading and Writing in a Handy 11 x 17 Format
22 Great Free Reading & Writing Learning Resources at Teaching That Makes Sense

-love learning -your best ed lessons guide, Scott

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