165 Precalculus Videos with Texts, Exercises and Reviews

165 Precalculus Videos with Texts, Exercises and Reviews

This post gives you 165 Precalculus video lessons from Khan Academy, along with 17 textbooks, exercises, reviews and worksheets, covering all precalculus topics.

The Precalculus video lessons (.zip file 536mb in size) provide detailed explanations and instructions, as they teach the math and algebra topics listed below. (When downloading dropbox will say the file is “too big to review”, so just select the download button.) After unzipping the files into a folder named “165 Precalculus Videos by Khan Academy”, just click or select the “index.html” file to view the videos home page in your browser (see picture below). To help prepare for learning precalculus, you may want to first review algebra I and algebra II lesson videos.

165 Precalculus Videos by Khan Academy.zip (536mb)

  • Vectors (17 videos)
  • Matrices (36 videos)
    Understanding and solving matrices.
  • Parametric equations and polar coordinates (7 videos)
    An alternative to Cartesian coordinates.
  • Imaginary and complex numbers (26 videos)
    Understanding i and the complex plane
  • Probability and combinatorics (40 videos)
    Basics of probability and combinatorics
  • Sequences, series and induction (29 videos)
    An assortment of concepts in math that help us deal with sequences and proofs.
  • Hyperbolic functions (2 videos)
  • Motivation and understanding of hyperbolic functions.
  • Limits (8 videos)
  • Preview of the calculus topic of limits

Math 120 Precalculus Textbook, a First Course in Problem Solving (5.3mb)
Parabolic Functions Lesson with Answers
Precalculus and Advanced Topics Module 3 engageny, Student Materials.zip (13mb)
Precalculus and Advanced Topics Module 3 engageny, Teacher Materials.zip (36mb)
Precalculus and Advanced Topics Module 3 engageny, Topic Overviews.zip (1.86mb)
Precalculus Cheat Sheet
Precalculus Curriculum Grade 11

Precalculus Exam with Answers
Precalculus Exercises and Solutions
Precalculus Final Exam Review 001.tif
Precalculus High School Textbook
Precalculus Practice Test with Answers
Precalculus Review and Exercises with Solutions (26mb)
Precalculus Review with Explanations and Formulas
Precalculus Textbook by Jay Abramson, with Solutions & Odd Answers (22mb)
Precalculus Textbook by Stitz and Zeager, with Solutions (11mb)
Precalculus Textbook, Investigation of Functions (7.5mb)
Roller Coaster Precalc Lesson with Exercises & Solutions
Slope as Rate of Change Review

165 Precalculus Videos with Texts, Exercises, Reviews

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