261 Arithmetic Lesson Videos by Khan Academy

261 Arithmetic Lesson Videos by Khan Academy

These arithmetic videos are full of fun exercises and lessons which help you start students on their journeys towards math mastery. The important subjects are taught by these videos: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division — but we don’t stop there, then we’ll move into negative numbers, absolute value, decimals, and fractions, too. Learning math should be fun, and we plan on having some with these.

Everything is in this zip file of arithmetic lesson videos from Khan Academy. Simply download this zip file (468MB in size), and after unzipping it, the videos and content will be in a folder named “261 Arithmetic Lesson Videos by Khan Academy”. Then click or select the “index.html” file to view the videos home page in your browser (see picture below), which is the top-level table of contents page. For more arithmetic practice you can also see these freely available 923 Addition, Subtraction, Arithmetic Worksheets for Grades K-2.

Subjects Covered By These Arithmetic Video Lessons:

Addition and subtraction (18 videos)
Adding and subtracting positive and negative whole numbers. Starts with 1+1=2 and covers carrying, borrowing, and word problems.

Multiplication and division (42 videos)
Multiplying and dividing positive and negative whole numbers, understanding place value, and rounding numbers.

Negative numbers and absolute value (22 videos)
Extending our understanding of numbers below 0. Thinking about “absolute” distance from 0.

Decimals (80 videos)
Understanding decimals conceptually, using operations with decimals, rounding and estimating with decimals, and converting decimals.

Fractions (97 videos)
Understanding fractions conceptually, using operations with fractions, and converting fractions.

Telling time (2 videos)

261 Arithmetic Lesson Videos by Khan Academy

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