5 Music Fundamentals Textbooks (Grade 5 – H.S.)

5 Music Fundamentals Textbooks

These 5 detailed music fundamentals texts are for 5th grade through high school students. They teach and explain the basic areas of Music Theory for learners in classrooms and home school wanting to study and understand music. They include solutions to all the exercises.

Music Fundamentals 1: Pitch and Major Scales and Keys (74 pages)

– Introduction to Pitch Notation in Music
– Clef
– Introduction to the Piano Keyboard
– Pitch: Sharp, Flat, and Natural Notes
– Chromatic and Diatonic Half Steps
– Octave Designations in Music
– Key Signature
– Major Keys and Scales
– Scale Degrees of the Diatonic Scale
– Enharmonic Spelling
– The Circle of Fifths

Music Fundamentals 2: Rhythm and Meter (74 pages)

– Duration: Note Lengths in Written Music
– Duration: Rest Length
– Dots, Ties, and Borrowed Divisions
– Rhythm
– Time Signature
– Introduction to Subdivisions in Simple Meters
-Simple and Compound Time Signatures
– Meter in Music
– Introduction to Subdivisions in Compound Meters
– Pickup Notes and Measures
– Tempo

Music Fundamentals 3: Minor Scales and Keys (29 pages)

– Minor Keys and Scales
– Learning Major and Minor Scales
– Ear Training

Music Fundamentals 4: Intervals (34 pages)

– Intervals and Inversions
– Quickly Recognizing Simple Intervals
– Consonance and Dissonance

Music Fundamentals 5: Triads Chords Introduction to Roman Numerals (41 pages)

– Triads
– Naming Triads
– Beginning Harmonic Analysis
– Seventh Chords and Inversions

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