13 U.S & World History Textbooks (K – H.S.)

13 U.S. and World History Textbooks – Kindergarten – High School

These texts, in PDF format, can be used as a primary resource or to enhance curriculum with additional resources and many activities to practice mastery of U.S. and world history and civics. They are a wonderful addition to both schools and home schools for understanding history and civics for all grades and skill levels. Each book, chapter, or section provides inquiry questions to guide students through learning investigations. These are both viewable and downloadable, and each one is also available in a smaller (compressed) version via the main link above. For more U.S. history materials, also look at U.S. History Lessons, Courses and Textbooks, Grades 6-12 and our history learning page.

Online Textbook: 8th Grade U.S. History: Independence to 1914

The texts of the books books by the Michigan Open Book Project are licensed under a Creative Commons NonCommercial-ShareAlike license. These teaching and learning materials are freely available for everyone to use, whether you are a school or homeschool student, self-learner or teacher.

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