100 1st Grade Reading Skills Activity Worksheets

These first grade reading activities are designed to help families reinforce reading and language arts skills. For each reading skill below, various activities are provided to help young readers in first grade develop their reading skills. All of the activities are available in one pdf file, or separately in a .zip file, which you can extract to a folder and then access each activity by name by opening the “First Grade Reading Skill Activities – Table of Contents.htm” file. Also, take a look at our 100 reading activity worksheets for second grade and our 100 reading worksheets for kindergarten.

First Grade Reading Skill Categories (all-in-one PDF or .zip file):

  • Knows the Parts of Books and Their Functions
  • Reads and Comprehends Fiction and Nonfiction
  • Identifies Sentences
  • Differentiates Letters, Words, and Sentences
  • Blends and Distinguishes Sounds in One-Syllable Words
  • Recognizes and Names All Upper- and Lower-case Letters
  • Decodes Words
  • Reads Common Sight Words
  • Sounds Out Words
  • Reads Aloud with Accuracy and Comprehension
  • Recognizes Words by Sight
  • Builds Vocabulary
  • Creates Own Written Text
  • Follows Directions
  • Forms Letters
  • Uses Punctuation and Capitalization
  • Produces Sentences
  • Produces Stories
  • Organizes Ideas
  • Engages in Literacy Activities
  • Reads and Comprehends at Grade Level
  • Monitors Own Reading
  • Predicts What Happens Next
  • Discusses Prior Knowledge
  • Describes New Information from Text
  • Answers Simple Comprehension Questions



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