100 Kindergarten Reading Skills Activity Worksheets

100 Kindergarten Reading Skills Activity Worksheets

These kindergarten reading activities are designed to help families reinforce reading and language arts skills. For each reading skill below, various activities are provided to help young readers in kindergarten develop their reading skills. All of the activities are available in one pdf file, or separately in a .zip file, which you can extract to a folder and then access each activity by name by opening the “Kindergarten Reading Skill Activities – Table of Contents.htm” file. Also, check out these 100 first grade and 100 second grade reading activity worksheets.

Kindergarten Reading Skill Categories (all-in-one PDF or .zip file):

  • Knows the Parts of Books and Their Functions
  • Begins to Track Print
  • Recognizes and Names All Uppercase and Lowercase Letters
  • Understands That Words Consist of a Sequence of Sounds
  • Learns One-to-One Letter/Sound Correspondence
  • Recognizes Some Words by Sight
  • Connects Information and Events in Text to Real Life
  • Listens to/Retells Stories or Parts of Stories
  • Listens Attentively to Books Read
  • Identifies Words that Are Similar or Different
  • Identifies Words that Share the Same Sound
  • Merges Sound Segments into Words
  • Rhymes
  • Uses Sounds and Letters to Spell
  • Writes to Express Own Meaning
  • Builds a Vocabulary of Words
  • Writes Own Name
  • Writes Most Letters and Some Words
  • Knows that Words Join Together to Make Sentences
  • Follows Directions
  • Correctly Answers Questions about Stories
  • Makes Predictions about Stories

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