Boundless Art History – High School

Boundless Art History – High School

This art history survey text covers all the world’s art history in 30 well written, detailed chapters. Each chapter contains 4-9 sub-chapters, and each sub-chapter has from 4-7 sections. Each section provides a Learning Objective, Key Points, and Key Terms. Total number of pages is 2,958 and file size is 40mb.


  1. Thinking and Talking About Art
  2. Prehistoric Art
  3. Art of the Ancient Near East
  4. Ancient Egyptian Art
  5. Art of the Aegean Civilizations
  6. Ancient Greece
  7. The Etruscans
  8. The Romans
  9. The Byzantines
  10. Islamic Art
  11. Art of South and Southeast Asia Before 1200 CE
  12. Chinese and Korean Art Before 1279 CE
  13. Japan Before 1333 CE
  14. Native-American Art Before 1300 CE
  15. Africa Before 1800 CE
  16. Early Medieval Europe
  17. Romanesque Art
  18. Gothic Art
  19. The Italian Renaissance
  20. The Northern Renaissance
  21. The Baroque Period
  22. South and Southeast Asia After 1200 CE
  23. China and Korea After 1279 CE
  24. Japan After 1333 CE
  25. The Americas After 1300 CE
  26. Oceania
  27. Africa in the Modern Period
  28. European and American Art in the 18th and 19th Centuries
  29. Europe and America from 1900-1950 CE
  30. Global Art Since 1950 CE

Boundless Art History - High School

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