Intermediate CS Mathematics Program

Intermediate CS Mathematics Program

This is a wonderful collection of Intermediate Mathematics Lessons, Worksheets, Blackline Masters and Story Workbooks necessary to teach students in 4th, 5th and 6th grade. The Comprehensive School Mathematics Program (CSMP) was developed to be an exemplary curriculum by National Institute of Education for others to emulate. While many pieces have been adapted, some thirty years later, there are few curricula that compare. The primary math program is also available in the linked folder above.

These materials are comprised of Lesson Descriptions for the teacher, Worksheets (blackline masters) and Story Workbooks for the students. Lesson Descriptions are written in Teacher Student dialogue to demonstrate how to present and teach them. Lesson Descriptions in Kindergarten and First grade are one teacher’s guide file. The answers for all the worksheets and workbooks are in the lesson descriptions. It is designed on a spiral approach where all of the material is integrated as the program progresses. The intermediate program has these strands: Numbers, Language of String and Arrow, Geometry, Probability and Statistics, and Workbooks. Language of Strings and Arrows are for the student to become familiar with Arrows (mathematical relations) and Strings (mathematical classifications ) Each week a lesson from a different strand can be taught. This creates the spiral effect for the curriculum. ((IG means intermediate grades.)

Intermediate Parts:
4. IG Part I and IG Part II
5. IG Part III and IG Part IV
6. IG Part V and IG Part VI

Information about the Star System and Workbooks Pages:

The Story Workbooks are designed to do every two weeks and can be used independently. The first time the student works as far as they can. The workbooks are corrected and then returned to the students. The students correct mistakes them proceed as far as they can. Do not force the student to do all of the pages if they are not able.

All of the worksheets are rated * ** *** ****. This is a level of difficulty. All students should be able to do a * worksheet. Not all students are expected to do all worksheets for a lesson. Approximately the upper 2/3 of the students will be to do ** and the most able to do *** or ****. This system is to keep all students challenged and a a child should work to their ability. Forcing a child to do all the worksheets will only turn them off. Allow the student to do work level appropriate. Similarly, in general the workbook pages 1-10 are for all students, 11- 20 for the upper 2/3’s and 21 -32 for the most able. Students should be encourage to work to the highest level but not beyond.

CS Intermediate Mathematics Program

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