Home Schooling during these coronavirus times

Here are some good reads and interesting articles to help with coping and become better with home schooling your kids during this coronavirus period. These will also help with making a decision to make this a more permanent situation in your home at some point in the future. Help with doing that is available from HSLDS (Home School Legal Defense Association).

Homeschooling parents become nation’s teachers as coronavirus reshapes education

“Parents, grandparents and legal guardians are scrambling to teach their children, and home-schooling parents are offering insights, including chalkboard construction, keeping a schedule and using math curricula.”

A really big experiment’: Parents turn teachers amid virus

“Even in school districts that are providing remote instruction, the burden falls on parents to keep their children on task. In others, parents are left to find educational websites and curricular materials on their own. And while the challenges are daunting for all, they can be nearly impossible to overcome for parents limited by access to technology and their own levels of education.”

Maria Steen’s guide to home-schooling your children

“My husband and I home-school our four children and have done so since their infancy. If you are a parent who has not chosen home-schooling, but has had it thrust upon you and may be worried or struggling to cope, I would like to offer some words of hope and encouragement.”

‘I’m really struggling’: In 6 home classrooms, families keep learning alive in a pandemic

“With education as it was known upended, The Enquirer and WVXU teamed up to sit or phone in with six families on Thursday to find out what a day of learning at home looks like and to share struggles and triumphs.”

A slice of life – home school days

“I’m not here to convert you to homeschooling or convince you about what you should or shouldn’t be doing with the kiddos. I’m just going to give you some free advice from a homeschooling mom with 16 years of homeschooling experience under her belt and why you are better off than when I started our homeschool career in 1994.”

Cooped up with the kids? Consider these tips from a mom who home-schooled 5

“With the world hunkered down against a fast-spreading pandemic, many parents suddenly find themselves with long hours to fill and bored kids at home. … Sheil’s home schooling days are pretty much behind her — her youngest is now 17 — but all those hours with multiple kids at home taught her a few tricks and tactics that parents suddenly thrown into all-day parenting might find handy. She shared with CBC London some ways she learned to keep kids happy and busy during all those hours.”

Tips From A Home-Schooling, Remote-Working Mom

“With Vermont schools now closed, many parents are facing a daunting reality. In this installment of Brave Little State, a veteran home-schooling parent and remote worker shares her wisdom.”

9 ways to keep your child academically engaged when stuck at home

“Every family I know has been wondering how we’ll manage to keep our kids occupied at home for a week or more — without access to museums, amusement parks, play spaces, and play dates. So I called every teacher and home-school parent I know to get some tips  — ideas of how to stay organized and efficiently plan to keep kids happy, stimulated, and academically challenged while they’re out of school.”

How To: Home Schooling in the Time of Coronavirus

“White recommends creating a schedule and doing your best to stick with it. She said you also need to know your child. Know whether they are a morning person or an afternoon/evening person. That can help you to make sure that their school time is as effective and productive as possible.”

9 celebrities who have chosen to home-school their kids

“Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith began home-schooling their two children Willow and Jaden back in 2001. The school system in this country – public and private – is designed for the industrial age,” she said in an excerpt shared by People. We’re in a technological age. We don’t want our kids to memorize. We want them to learn.”


Home Schooling during these coronavirus times

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