198 Algebra Basics Videos by Khan Academy

198 Algebra Basics Videos by Khan Academy.zip

These 198 Algebra training tutorial videos take students through a thorough review and practice of the core concepts in Algebra. They will also help prepare for high school or college placement exams, covering all of the foundational areas in algebra and related topics in pre-algebra and geometry. For further advanced topics and material, please look at our Algebra I and Algebra II Khan tutorial video pages.

These videos are all together, ready to be downloaded in this single zip file (487 mb). After unzipping it, a new folder called “198 Algebra Basics Videos by Khan Academy” is created. Double-click index.html in this folder to launch your browser’s top-level table of contents, as shown in the screen grab below. You will not need an internet connection to watch once the zip file is downloaded and unzipped.

Topics Covered by these 198 Algebra Basics Videos:

Foundations of Pre-algebra Skills – 52 videos
This topic isn’t algebra, but it is a survey of all of the most important pre-algebra skills you need to really digest algebra. These skills also tend to be pretty important in life in general!

Algebraic Expressions – 15 videos
The core of idea in algebra is using letters to represent relationships between numbers without specifying what those numbers are! We use letters or variables to represent the parts of the expression that may take on different values or is an unknown that we can solve for.

Linear Equations and Inequalities – 37 videos
We will now equate two algebraic expressions and think about how it might constrain what value the variables can take on. The algebraic manipulation you learn here really is the heart of algebra.

Graphing Lines and Slope – 37 videos
Use the power of algebra to understand and interpret points and lines (something we typically do in geometry). This will include slope and the equation of a line.

Systems of Equations – 6 videos
Solving a system of equations or inequalities in two variables by elimination, substitution, and graphing.

Expressions and Equations with Exponents – 10 videos
Let’s build our toolkit that allow us to manipulate exponents algebraically.

Quadratics and Polynomials – 28 videos
We’ll now progress beyond the world of purely linear expressions and equations and enter the world of quadratics (and more generally polynomials). Here we’ll learn to factor expression that have powers of 2 in them and solve quadratic equations. We’ll also learn to manipulate more general polynomial expressions.

Equations and Geometry – 13 videos
These videos teach angles with triangles and polygons, triangle similarity, and the Pythagorean theorem

198 Algebra Basics Videos by Khan Academy

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