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This post gives you lots of free Excel Training and Tutorial resources, many of which I have collected while working on our new page, Microsoft Office Training Tutorials, which is linked from our Programming, Computer and I.T. Resources page. There is a wide range of help articles and tutorials here for learning Microsoft Excel, from the quick start guides to more advanced topics such as formulas and pivot tables. If needed, you also check out our Word tutorial post.

Microsoft Excel Video Training Tutorials
A stopwatch symbol 
Quick start 
Pointer and hand symbols 
Intro to Excel 
A table with columns 
Rows & columns 
An Excel cell symbol 
Formatted letter symbols 
A calculator symbol 
Formulas and
A table symbol 
A chart symbol 
An Excel PivotTable symbol 
Three dots with two lines showing sharing from one to the other two 
Share & co-author
Icon for linked data types 
Linked data types
Get to know Power Query training tile 
Get to know Power
An Excel document with an arrow shape 
Take a tour 
Download template
An Excel document shape with fx for functions 
Formula tutorial 
Download template
An Excel document with pivot arrows 
Make your first
Download template
PivotTables symbol with a plus sign 
Get more out of
Download template
Microsoft Excel 2019 Ebook, Quick Reference & Start Guides (pdf)
Excel Help Articles and Tutorials
Excel 2016 Lessons , Quick Reference & Step-By Step Guide (pdf)
Excel 2013 Videos and Tutorials




Quick Reference Cards for Excel 2010 & 2007 versions (pdf)
Excel 2007 and 2010 Tutorials (pdf)
Excel 2003 Training

Microsoft Excel 2003 Training Tutorial, part 1 (30 pages, pdf)
Upon completion of this Excel training module, you will know and be able to:

  • Use the Menu bar, Standard and Formatting Toolbars;
  • Know the parts of an Excel worksheet;
  • Know how to open and save a workbook;
  • Use the Page Setup Dialog box;
  • Insert a row, column, or worksheet;
  • 6. Format a cell;
  • Change the font type, style, size and color of a cell or range of cells;
  • Create a border around a range of cells;
  • Use basic Excel formulas;
  • Know how to use the Chart Wizard to create a chart

Microsoft Excel 2003 Training Tutorial part 2 (17 pages, pdf)


  •  Overview
  •  Setting up the Spreadsheet
  •  Inputting Data
  •  AutoSum
  •  Average Formula
  •  Multiplication Formula
  •  Minimum Formula
  •  Maximum Formula
  •  Types of Charts
  •  Creating a Chart

– love learning -your best ed lessons guide, Scott

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