Life Science Course for 4th Grade

Life Science Course for 4th Grade

This Life Science Course Unit teaches 4th grade students the followng: how ecosystems are communities of organisms that interact with each other and their physical environment; that living factors are called biotic factors and non- living factors are called abiotic factors; biomes have specific biotic and abiotic factors that make each one unique; all organisms have needs that are met by their environment and adaptations provide an advantage in meeting those needs; basic interactions in ecosystems are food chains and food webs in which matter cycles and energy flows; overtime, ecosystems maintain a balance, but that balance can be changed positively or negatively by natural and human actions. The Grade 4 Life Science Unit uses a series of investigations, experiments, active learning experiences, questions, and assessments to teach students the course content. Assessments include: pre-, post- and 3 formative assessments. You can download the complete grade 4 Life Science lessons (zip file, 59mb).

Introduction and Conceptual Flow NarrativeDownload PDF
Conceptual Flow GraphicDownload PDF
Pre-AssessmentA (Assessment File)Download PDF
Lesson 1 School Walk Around4.1Download zip (3 PDF’s)
Lesson 2 Plot Study4.2Download PDF
Lesson 3 Biomes4.3Download zip (7 Files)
Formative Assessment #1B (Assessment File)Download PDF
Lesson 4 Basic Needs4.4Download PDF
Lesson 5 Oh Heron!4.5Download PDF
Lesson 6 Sniff This!4.6Download zip (3 PDF’s)
Lesson 7 Blubber Gloves4.7Download PDF
Lesson 8 Seed Adaptations for Dispersal4.8Download PDF
 Lesson 9 Lotusland4.9Download PDF
Formative Assessment #2C (Assessment File)Download PDF
Lesson 10 Food Chains4.1Download zip (2 PDF’s)
Lesson 11 Crawly Composters4.11Download PDF
Lesson 12 Mighty Microorganisms4.12Download PDF
Lesson 13 Matter Cycles-Sum it Up4.13Download PDF
Lesson 14 Energy Flows4.14Download PDF
 Lesson 15 Food Web4.15Download zip (2 PDF’s)
Formative Assessment #3D (Assessment File)Download PDF
Lesson 16 That’s An Otter Story4.16Download PDF
Lesson 17 Channel Island Outreach4.17Download PDF
Post-AssessmentE (Assessment File)Download PDF

The Grade 4 Conceptual Flow Narrative for Life Science: Ecosystems (below) builds on the course concepts addressed in each lesson and the links that connect each lesson to the next. Current lessons are linked to the previous lesson and the following lesson by using a storyline to enable the development of student understanding, as they progress from one concept to the next.

Life Science Conceptual Flow

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