Earn From Coding Skills as a Coderpreneur

Earn From Coding Skills as a Coderpreneur

Coding skills are very much in demand today. Almost any business, regardless of niche, requires some computer-based tools, and the people who can create or customize those tools can take advantage of some lucrative opportunities. Ready to find out more? Here are some tips.

What Do Businesses Need Coders for Anyway?

Today, even brick-and-mortar businesses are finding themselves in need of tech services. Restaurants use apps to offer at-seat ordering, salons allow clients to book sessions online, and service providers use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems to manage clients and track sales performance. Turnkey solutions are available for these tasks, but custom software can offer a business a competitive edge, and that’s where coders come in.

Skills a Coderpreneur Needs

The first step to becoming a codepreneur is learning how to code. Consider whether you want to develop desktop, mobile, or web apps, and then learn the skills you need for that job. Some of the most in-demand programming skills are web-focused ones, including:

  • JavaScript
  • SQL
  • PHP
  • Python

Coderpreneurs also need business skills. While you don’t need to be an accountant, lawyer, and marketing expert, some basic knowledge of bookkeeping and contracts is useful, it’s also a good idea to be able to do your own market research. This will help you identify what your target customers are looking for so you can attract those clients.

There’s a lot of community content out there to help people learn, and you can find many free coding and programming courses on platforms such as EdX, Coursera, FreeCodeCamp, and Alison.

How to Get That First Client

The first client is the hardest one to get. Build up a portfolio by contributing to open source projects on GitHub. Advertise your services on freelancer websites and bid for small jobs. You’ll be competing against coders from all over the world for jobs on those sites, but they’ll give you the experience you need to get more local clients in Portsmouth.

Try not to work for free, unless it’s for an open-source project. When people work for free, it devalues the industry for everyone. Always remember your time is worth money.

There are likely many networking events in your city. Start attending these events to advertise your services. It may take a few trips to become known and trusted in the area, but real-world networking still pays off.

Getting Paid

Before getting your fledgling operation off the ground, make sure you have an invoicing process in place to bolster your business bank account. Effective invoicing practices include billing electronically, sending out invoices the moment services are completed, and giving customers a few different payment options.

You can create customized branded invoices by using a free online invoice generator. Choose a predesigned template and then add your own terms and conditions, colors, background, and logo.

Marketing for Coders

Winning clients means communicating in a way they understand. That means figuring out the problems they have, then showing how your solutions can solve them. If you have some training or experience outside of computing, target clients in that niche since you already have a good understanding of what they need. Look at what other coders are delivering and find something you can do better than them.

Coding Is Big Business

If you have the correct skills, working as a coder can be lucrative, especially if you target local small business owners and entrentrepreneurs.

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