4th Grade Earth Science Course: The Changing Earth

4th Grade Earth Science Course the Changing Earth

In this Grade 4 Earth Science Course Unit, students will learn about the Earth’s continuous process of change: how the Earth changes and is shaped through slow and rapid processes. It uses hands-on investigations which teach the effects of weathering and erosion. Students will also understand properties of rocks and minerals. The Grade 4 Earth Science Unit takes students through a set of research activities, experiments, learning experiences, questions, and assessments. Assessments include: pre-, post-, and 1 formative assessment. You can download the complete grade 4 Earth Science lessons (zip file, 26mb).

Introduction and Conceptual Flow Narrative1Download PDF
Conceptual Flow Graphic3Download PDF
Pre-AssessmentA (Assessment File)Download zip (3 PDF’s)
Lesson 1 Rapid Processes Change Landforms4.1Download zip (4 Files)
Lesson 2 Rockin” Roots4.2Download zip (3 Files)
Lesson 3 Slowly Reshaping Earth’s Landforms4.3Download zip (2 Files)
Lesson 4 Introduction to the Rock Cycle4.4Download PDF
Formative Assessment #1B (Assessment File)Download PDF
Lesson 5 Sorting Rocks Using Properties4.5Download PDF
Lesson 6 Transforming Rocks4.6Download zip (4 PDF’s)
Lesson 7 All About Minerals4.7Download zip (2 Files)
Lesson 8 Minerals Have A Crystalline Structure4.8Download zip (2 PDF’s)
Lesson 9 Mystery Minerals4.9Download zip (4 Files)
Post-AssessmentC (Assessment File)Download zip (4 PDF’s)

The Grade 4 Conceptual Flow Narrative for Earth Science: builds on the concepts presented on conceptual flow graphic by describing the concept(s) addressed in each lesson and the links that connect each lesson to the next. Lessons are linked to the previous lesson and the lesson that follows via a conceptual storyline. This ensures the development of student understanding as students progress from one concept to the next.

4th Grade Earth Science Conceptual Flow the Changing Earth

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