4th Grade Physical Science Course: Magnetism and Electricity

4th Grade Physical Science Course Magnetism and Electricity

This Grade 4 Physical Science Course Unit teaches students magnetism and electricity. All of the Grade 4 California Science Content Standards for Physical Science are addressed in this unit. Students will understand that electricity and magnetism are connected phenomena with numerous applications in everyday life by the end of the course. Students will learn about static and current electricity and the effects of magnetism through a series of practical studies and research. They will configure, contruct, and use series and parallel circuits, a rudimentary compass, and an electromagnet. Electromagnets play an important role in the building of electric motors, and students will see how electrical energy may be transferred to heat, light, and motion. This Physical Science Course uses sets of investigations, experiments, active learning opportunities, questions, and assessments. Assessments include: pre-, post-, and 3 formative assessments. You can download the complete grade 4 Physical Science lessons (zip file, 35mb).

Introduction and Conceptual Flow NarrativeDownload PDF
Conceptual Flow GraphicDownload PDF
Pre-AssessmentA (Assessment File)Download PDF
Lesson 1 May the Magnetic Force Be with You4.1Download PDF
Lesson 2 Amazing Magnets4.2Download zip (2 PDF’s)
Lesson 3 Magnetic Fields-The Earth Acts as a Giant Magnet4.3Download PDF
Lesson 4 Magnetic Fields-Making a Compass4.4Download PDF
Formative Assessment #1B (Assessment File)Download PDF
Lesson 5 Static Electricity4.5Download PDF
Lesson 6 Simple Circuits4.6Download zip (3 PDF’s)
Lesson 7 Conductors and Insulators4.7Download PDF
Lesson 8 Series Circuits and Switches4.8Download PDF
Formative Assessment #2C (Assessment File)Download PDF
Lesson 9 Parallel Circuits4.9Download PDF
Lesson 10 Electromagnets4.10Download PDF
Lesson 11 Hot Wire S’More4.11Download PDF
Lesson 12 Motors4.12Download PDF
Post-AssessmentD (Assessment File)Download PDF

The Grade 4 Conceptual Flow Narrative for Physical Science: Magnetism and Electricity builds on the concepts presented on conceptual flow graphic by describing the concept(s) addressed in each lesson and the links that connect each lesson to the next. Lessons are linked to the previous lesson and the lesson that follows via a conceptual storyline. This ensures the development of student understanding as students progress from one concept to the next.

4th Grade Physical Science Conceptual Flow

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