Shakespeare for Young Readers & H.S. Students

Shakespeare for Young Readers and High School Students

Here are 33 books, handouts, guides, and write-ups concerning Shakespeare’s plays, writing and language. The first group below lists 10 easier-to-read books of Shakespeare’s stories and plays for primary, middle school, high school and college students. The second list are 10 handouts and two slidedecks for learning Shakespeare’s language and writing. The third list consists of 11 Guides, Write-ups and the Complete Works of Shakespeare. These are all in pdf format and are available for immediate viewing and download.

Shakespeare’s Stories and Plays for Younger & High School Students:

  • Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare, by E Nesbit
  • Tales from Shakespeare, for Young Readers, by Charles & Mary Lamb
  • The Children’s Shakespeare, by E Nesbit
  • Stories of Shakespeares Comedies -scan
  • Stories of Shakespeares English History Plays -scan
  • Bells Readers Shakespeare Comedies, Condensed for School
  • Bells Readers Shakespeare Historical, Condensed for School
  • The Shakespeare Reader, Abridged Plays with Notes, Vol. 2
  • The Shakespeare Reader, Abridged Plays with Notes, Vol. 3
  • The Shakespeare Reader, Extracts from the Plays of Shakespeare

Handouts and Materials for Learning Shakespeare:

  • Decoding Shakespeare’s Language Handout
  • Figurative Language of Shakespeare Worksheet
  • Renaissance Humanism and Shakespeare Handout
  • Seven Keys to Shakespeare Handout
  • Shakespeare’s Language Handout
  • Shakespearean Idioms Handout
  • Shakespeare’s Language What’s the Meaning Handout
  • Shakespeare’s Language Using Context Clues Handout
  • Shakespeare’s Metaphors Handout
  • Working with Shakespeare’s Language Handout
  • Shakespeare Slidedeck 1
  • Shakespeare Slidedeck 2

Shakespeare Learning Guides, Write-ups & Complete Works:

  • Shakespeare’s Language
  • Shakespeare’s Words Write-up
  • 10 Strategies for Understanding Shakespeare
  • Tis Shakespearish Study Guide
  • Shakespearean Quotations
  • Dictionary of Shakespearian Quotations -scan
  • Compendium & Concordance Complete Works of Shakespeare -scan
  • Dicks Complete Edition of Shakespeares Works -scan
  • Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare
  • Shakespeare, by Algernon Swinburne, Oxford Press
  • Shakespeare, by Walter Raleigh, Univ of Oxford -scan

Shakespeare for Young Readers and High School Students

-love learning -your best ed lessons guru, Scott

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