45 Poem, Poetry and Prose Books

45 Poem, Poetry and Prose Books

These books of poems and poetry will provide reading practice and enjoyment for young people, easily accessible here to view and download, with some also including prose sections. These were published before 1923 – however, good poetry is timeless and some of these also give one a good sense of what life was like a hundred or more years ago.

  • A Child’s Garden of Verses
  • A Cluster of Poems
  • Beauty and the Beast, Comic Nursery Tales in Humorous Verse
  • Cathcart’s Literary Reader, selections from some of the best British and American authors
  • Daisies from A Child’s Garden of Verses
  • Father Goose, His Book
  • Forty Thousand Quotations, Prose and Poetical, Ancient and Modern
  • Four American Poets, Bryant, Longfellow, Whittier, Holmes
  • Golden Numbers Poems for children and young people
  • House of Play, verses-rhymes-stories for young folks
  • Kipling Stories and Poems Every Child Should Know
  • Little Ann and Other Poems
  • Little Folks Own Stories, Sketches, Poems, Designed to Amuse and Benefit the Young
  • MacMillans Reading Books
  • Nature Study in Elementary Schools Second Reader, Myths, Stories, Poems
  • Old Fashioned Stories and Poems and One Famous Poems, With a Prose Supplement
  • Picture Poems for Young Folks
  • Poems
  • Poems for Children
  • Poems for Reading and memorizing
  • Rainbow Gold, and Other Poems
  • Rainbow Gold, Poems Old and New Selected for Boys and Girls
  • Scottish Nursery Songs, and Other Poems
  • Simple Rhymes and Poems for Young Children
  • Swintons Book of Tales, Readings, Imaginative and Emotional in Prose and Poetry
  • Tales from English History in Prose and Verse
  • Tales of Wonder in verse written and collected by MG Lewis
  • The Children’s Book, A Collection of Short Stories and Poems, a Mormon Book
  • The Children’s Book, a Collection of the Best and Most Famous Stories and Poems
  • The Children’s Hour and Other Poems, Paul Reveres Ride and Other Poems
  • The Eugene Field Book, verses, stories
  • The First Book of Poetry for the use of schools, intended as reading lessons
  • The Golden Treasury, Selected from the Best Songs and Lyrical Poems
  • The Gospel From the Beginning
  • The Happy Sunday Book of Painted Pictures with Verses
  • The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus
  • The Old Farm Gate, Containing Stories and Poems for Children and Youth
  • The Pied Piper of Hamelin And Other Poems
  • The Step-ladder a Collection of Prose and Poetry
  • Verse and Prose Reading for Beginners
  • Verses and Rhymes by the Way
  • Very Short Stories and Verses For Children
  • Young Folks Book of Poetry, a collection of the best short and easy poems for reading
  • Young Folks Speaker, collection of prose and poetry

45 Poem, Poetry and Prose Books

-love learning -your best ed lessons guru, Scott

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