Cherokee Trail of Tears Lessons, Activities, Materials & Videos

Cherokee Trail of Tears Lessons, Activities, Materials and Videos

I have spent the last two weeks researching, reviewing, and gathering these important lessons and activities about the Cherokee Trail of Tears removal, which occurred in the late 1830’s, from their original homelands east of the Mississippi to Oklahoma. I have also gathered and put together all of supporting documents, images and videos, so that everything here is quickly accessible for viewing and downloading. Many of these documents are no longer easily found online, as I had to look in archives and other locations to get them together. I hope this helps teach and convey the important topics and subject matter that our students need to learn about this tragic event in our U.S. history. Files are in pdf format unless specified otherwise.

Cherokee Trail of Tears Lessons, Activities and Worksheets:

Cherokee Removal and the Trail of Tears Lesson, High School Cherokee Trail of Tears Curriculum, Lessons with Quizzes, Grades 5-8
Discover the Trail of Tears Lesson, Teaching with Historic Places, Grades 5-HS Legacy of Indian Removal, Trail of Tears Lessons & Activities, Grades 8-12
Perspectives on the Trail of Tears Lesson, Grades 5-HS Tales and Trails of Betrayal Lesson with Supporting Slides, Grades 9-12
The Cherokee Removal Lesson with Supplements, Grades 4-8 The Trail of Tears Reading and Worksheets, Grades 6-HS
The Trail of Tears, Its Grief and Loss Lesson, Grades 5-8 Thematic Unit Trail of Tears, Grades 5-10
Trail of Tears Cherokee Forced Relocation Lesson, Grades 5-HS Trail of Tears Lesson Booklet, Grades 5-HS
Trail of Tears Lesson, Grade 4 Trail of Tears Lesson, Grade 8
Trail of Tears Project, Grades 7-9 Timeline Trail of Tears Self Assessment Rubric

Cherokee Trail of Tears Supporting Materials, Images, Videos:

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  1. Whew! This is an exhaustive list!
    Thanks so much for taking the time to find all of these resources!
    I have a feeling your blog is going to go viral, and many people will be blessed!

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