Cherokee Trail of Tears Lessons, Activities, Materials & Videos

Cherokee Trail of Tears Lessons, Activities, Materials and Videos

I have spent the last two weeks researching, reviewing and gathering these important lessons and activities about the Cherokee Trail of Tears removal which occurred in the late 1830’s, from their original homelands east of the Mississippi to Oklahoma. I have also gathered and put together 70 supporting documents, images and videos, so that everything is here are quickly accessible for viewing and download. Many of these documents are no longer easily found online, as I had to look in archives and other locations to get these together. I hope this helps teach and convey the important topics and subject matter that our students need to learn about this tragic event in our U.S. History.

Cherokee Trail of Tears Lessons, Activities and Worksheets:

Cherokee Removal and the Trail of Tears Lesson, High School Cherokee Trail of Tears Curriculum, Lessons with Quizzes, Grades 5-8
Discover the Trail of Tears Lesson, Teaching with Historic Places, Grades 5-HS Legacy of Indian Removal, Trail of Tears Lessons & Activities, Grades 8-12
Perspectives on the Trail of Tears Lesson, Grades 5-HS Tales and Trails of Betrayal Lesson with Supporting Slides, Grades 9-12
The Cherokee Removal Lesson with Supplements, Grades 4-8 The Trail of Tears Reading and Worksheets, Grades 6-HS
The Trail of Tears, Its Grief and Loss Lesson, Grades 5-8 Thematic Unit Trail of Tears, Grades 5-10
Trail of Tears Cherokee Forced Relocation Lesson, Grades 5-HS Trail of Tears Lesson Booklet, Grades 5-HS
Trail of Tears Lesson, Grade 4 Trail of Tears Lesson, Grade 8
Trail of Tears Project, Grades 7-9 Timeline Trail of Tears Self Assessment Rubric

Cherokee Trail of Tears Supporting Materials, Images, Videos:

  • 1829 Memorial Letter from the Cherokee Nation to Congress
  • 1831 Letter from John Martin & John Ridge, Cherokee leaders in Washington, to John Ross
  • A Brief History of Trail of Tears from
  • Along the Trail of Tears Article and Questions
  • Arrival in Indian Territory, Trail of Tears painting.jpg
  • Background on Two Presidents involved in Indian Removal during the 1830s
  • Broken Treaties Handout – Cherokees
  • Cedar Town Camp Brochure.jpg
  • Cedar Town, The Trail Where They Cried
  • Cherokee Chief John Ross
  • Cherokee Nation Timelime 1450-2001
  • Cherokee Removal (Trail of Tears) – Wikipedia
  • Cherokee Removal and the Trail of Tears Questions & Activities
  • Cherokee Stories Oral History – Walker Calhoun.mp4
  • Cherokee Stories Oral History – Walker Calhoun
  • Cherokee Trail of Tears Google Satellite Image.jpg
  • Cherokee Trail of Tears Painting by Robert Lindneux.jpg
  • Cherokee Trail of Tears.mp4
  • Excerpts of Senator Frelinghuysens Speech to the Senate 1830
  • Eyewitnesses Samuel Cloud & John Burnett Trail of Tears and Questions
  • Family Stories from the Trail of Tears
  • Forced Move, Trail of Tears painting.jpg
  • General Winfield Scott’s Address to the Cherokee Nation, May 10 1838
  • Georgia Trail of Tears Brochure
  • History of The Cherokee Trail of Tears
  • How the Brutal Trail of Tears Got Its Name.mp4
  • Indian Removal Act of 1830 and Indian Removal Readings
  • John Burnett’s Story of the Trail of Tears
  • John G. Burnett’s Story of the Removal of the Cherokees
  • Letter from Chief John Ross protesting the Treaty of New Echota 1836
  • Letter from Henry Henegar during Trail of Tears, describing removal of the Ross Party
  • Map of Land Surrendered by the Cherokee Nation.png
  • Map of the Cherokee Nation in Georgia, 1830.jpg
  • Maps Related to the Cherokee Nation & Cherokee Historical Maps
  • Memorial and Protest of the Cherokee Nation by John Ross June 1836
  • Message in 1837 from Brig. Gen. John Wool to Cherokees warning not to resisting removal
  • National Park Service Stories from the Trail of Tears
  • Nightfall on the Trail of Tears painting.jpg
  • North Carolina Trail of Tears Brochure
  • North Geogia Trail of Tears Forts
  • Official Trail of Tears Maps and Brochures from NPS
  • On Indian Removal – State of Morals
  • On the Trail of Tears painting 2.jpg
  • On the Trail of Tears painting.jpg
  • Photograph of John Ross, Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation 1828-66.png
  • President Andrew Jacksons Message to Congress On Indian Removal 1830
  • Reading about Indian Removal Act of 1830, Cherokee Trail of Tears and Map
  • Some of the ‘Players’ in the Trail of Tears – Cherokee Images
  • Stories along The Cherokee Trail of Tears – Cherokee Indian Slave Story
  • Supreme Court Case, Cherokee Nation v. the State of Georgia, 1831
  • Supreme Court Case, Worcester v. Georgia 1832
  • Tennessee Trail of Tears Brochure
  • The Cherokee Trail of Tears Article – Grandpa was an Indian Chief by Mrs. Elizabeth Mulligan
  • The Cherokee Trail of Tears Timeline 1838-1839
  • The Trail of Tears Story
  • Trail of Tears Cherokee Seal, Painting and Maps
  • Trail of Tears for Kids Documentary.mp4
  • Trail of Tears Groups and Army Reports
  • Trail of Tears Map with Removal Routes.jpg
  • Trail of Tears Map, Timeline, Cherokee Messenger and Statistics
  • Trail of Tears Memory by Rebecca Neugin
  • Trail of Tears Samuel’s Memory
  • Trail Of Tears Short Documentary for Middle to High School.mp4
  • Trail of Tears Stories and National Historic Trail, NPS.mp4
  • Treaty of Holston 1791 – Cherokees
  • Treaty of Hopewell 1785 – Cherokees
  • Treaty of New Echota between US Government and Cherokees, Dec 29 1835
  • Treaty of New Echota Dec 1835 and John Ross Letter Protesting It
  • Treaty of New Echota Source Document Excerpt, Dec 29 1835
  • U.S. State Department statement on Indian Removal

-love learning -your best ed lessons guru, Scott


  1. Whew! This is an exhaustive list!
    Thanks so much for taking the time to find all of these resources!
    I have a feeling your blog is going to go viral, and many people will be blessed!

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