Science Fair Projects & Experiments – Guides and Ideas

Science Fair Projects & Experiments – Guides and Ideas

Here the important areas and things to plan for and include in your science fair project experiment, and below are 10 great guides (pdf format) to help you with creating it and bringing it to life. Your project experiment should include all of the following things and be thorough, so make sure you’ve covered the following items, and you’ll impress the judges:

  • Big Question – What are you trying to find out?
  • Hypothesis – An “I Think Statement.” What do you predict will happen?
  • List of Materials – What supplies did you use in your experiment?
  • Procedures – What steps did you take to run your tests?
  • Data – What photos, charts, and/or graphs did you include to show your results?
  • Big Discovery – What actually happened? Explain your results.
  • Conclusion – “So What?” What did you learn?

Your project or experiment may or should also include the following scientific method items, depending on its details:

  • Standardized testing conditions (as much as possible)
  • A control – something that stays the same in your experiment
  • At least one variable – something that changes in your experiment
  • Multiple tests to show comparisons between the control and the variable
  • Technology integration – Excel spreadsheet, chart, graph, presentation, internet research, blog, etc.

Presenting your project: Over the years, a fairly standard format has been developed for projects. There is no need to follow this exactly, but as a general rule, you will find that judges expect each of these sections:

  • Abstract
  • Table of contents
  • Purpose
  • Hypothesis
  • Experimental design
  • Materials used
  • Procedures
  • Research report
  • Results
  • Conclusion
  • Acknowledgements
  • Bibliography

Here are 10 Guides and Idea Helps for your Science Fair Projects & Experiments:

200 Great Science Fair Project Ideas to Get You Started
How to Do a Science Fair Project
Resources to help with science fairs and projects
Science Fair Guide -Conclusions, Present, Lab Reports
Science Fair Guide, Grades 6-9
Science Fair Project How to and Ideas
Science Fair Project Student Guide, Grades K-4
Science Fair Success Guide, 10 pages
Science Fair Success Guide, 64 pages
Winning Science Fair

Science Fair Projects & Experiments - Guides and Ideas

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