35 Art Lessons and Projects for Middle School – HS

35 Art Lessons and Projects for Middle School – HS

Here are 35 wonderfully written art lessons and projects for student in middle school and high school. These handouts were created by S. Wagner-Marx, and teach and cover a range of areas that will stretch artistic abilities and skills. You can also check out all of our Art related pages here.

Abstract Watercolor Paintings
Animal Collage
Ceramic Lanterns
Ceramic Ocarinas (Whistles)
Cezanne Still Life
Clay Looms and Weaving
Common Threads
Emotional Portraits
Environmental Art
Etched Mirror
Figure Sculptures
Futuristic Cityscape
Gargoyles and Grotesques
George Segal Inspired Figure Sculpture
Illuminated Letter
Japanese Batik Lanterns
Multi-Stage Print
Nested Glass Sculpture
Pop-Art ala Roy Lichtenstein
Recycled Assemblage Sculptures
Repousse Mask Design
Repousse Masks
Sacred Circles
Self-Portrait in Style of Modigliiani
Silly Faces Book
Social Issues Print
Soda Can Stages
Spirit Vessels
Surreal Hand Drawing
Surrealist Collage Drawing
Surrealistic Imagery
Tile Boxes
Zoomorphic Tripod Vessel

35 Art Lessons and Projects for Middle School - HS

– love learning -your best ed lessons guide, Scott

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