84 Chemistry Videos by Khan Academy

84 Chemistry Videos by Khan Academy.zip

Here are 84 videos on Chemistry lessons from Khan Academy teaching and demonstrating chemistry for a first-year high school or college course. All are contained in this easily accessible downloadable zip file, which is 524mb in size. This file will unzip into a folder named “84 Chemistry Videos by Khan Academy” and from there double click on the index.html file to start viewing the videos, which as listed below by topic. After downloading, no further internet connection is required as they will all be on your harddrive or device. If you’d like, also take a look at our post for Chemistry Textbooks and Study Materials for Middle and High School.

  • Introduction to the Atom – 2 videos
    • Elements and Atoms
    • Introduction to the Atom
  • Orbitals and Electrons – 6 videos
    • Orbitals
    • More on Orbitals and Electron Configuration
    • Electron configuration for d Block Element
    • Electron Configuration for F Block Element Nd
    • Electron Configurations 2
    • Valence Electrons
  • Periodic Table, Trends, and Bonding – 7 videos
    • Groups of the Periodic Table
    • Valence Electrons
    • Periodic Table Trends: Ionization Energy
    • Atomic Radius Trends on Periodic Table
    • Electronegativity
    • Metallic Nature
    • Ionic, Covalent, And Metallic Bonds
  • Chemical Reactions (Stoichiometry) – 16 videos
    • Molecular and Empirical Formulas
    • The Mole and Avogadro’s Number
    • Empirical Formula From Mass Composition
    • Another Exercise Converting A Mass Composition to an Empirical Formula
    • Balancing Chemical Equations
    • Balancing More Complex Chemical Equation
    • Visually Understanding Balancing Chemical Equations
    • Balancing Another Combustion Reaction
    • Balancing Chemical Equation With Substitution
    • Stoichiometry
    • Stoichiometry Example Problem 1
    • Stoichiometry Example Problem 2
    • Stoichiometry: Limiting Reagent
    • Limiting Reactant Example Problem 1
    • Spectrophotometry, Transmittance, Absorbance
    • Spectrophotometry Example
  • Ideal Gas Laws – 7 videos
    • Ideal Gas Equation: PV = nRT
    • Ideal Gas Equation Example 1
    • Ideal Gas Equation Example 2
    • Ideal Gas Equation Example 3
    • Ideal Gas Equation Example 4
    • Partial Pressure
    • Vapor Pressure Example
  • States of Matter – 12 videos
    • States of Matter
    • States of Matter Follow-Up on Plasma and Hydrogen Bonds
    • Specific Heat, Heat of Fusion and Vaporization
    • Chilling Water Problem
    • Phase Diagrams
    • Van Der Waals Forces
    • Covalent Networks, Metallic, and Ionic Crystals
    • Vapor Pressure, Volatility, and Evaporation
    • Suspensions, Colloids and Solutions
    • Solubility
    • Boiling Point Elevation and Freezing Point Depression
    • Change of State Example
  • Reaction Rates – 8 videos
    • Introduction to Kinetics
    • Reactions in Equilibrium
    • Mini-Video on Ion Size
    • Keq Intuition
    • Keq Derivation Intuition
    • Heterogeneous Equilibriume Chatelier’s Principle
    • Introduction to pH, pOH, and pKw
  • Acids and Bases – 12 videos
    • Acid Base Introduction
    • pH, pOH of Strong Acids and Bases
    • pH of a Weak Acid
    • pH of a Weak Base
    • Conjugate Acids And Bases
    • pKa and pKb Relationship
    • Buffers And The Hendersen-Hasselbalch Equation
    • Strong Acid Titration And Equivalence Point
    • Weak acid Titration
    • Half Equivalence Point
    • Titration Roundup
    • Acid base Titration
  • Oxidation Reduction – 9 videos
    • Oxidation And Reduction
    • Oxidation State Trends In Periodic Table
    • Practice Determining Oxidation States
    • Unusual Oxygen Oxidation States
    • Oxidation Reduction or Redox Reactions
    • Redox Reaction With Iron
    • Redox Reaction From Dissolving Zinc In Copper Sulfate
    • Galvanic Cell Voltaic Cell
    • Electrodes And Voltage of Galvanic Cell
  • Radioactive Decay – 5 videos
    • Types of decay (Alpha, Beta, Gamma Decay and Positron Emission)
    • Introduction to Half-life
    • Exponential Decay Formula Proof
    • Introduction to Exponential Decay
    • More Exponential Decay Examples

84 Chemistry Videos by Khan Academy

– love learning -your best ed lessons guide, Scott


  1. Thank you for this exceptional chemistry resource. I appreciate your blog and all that you are doing with it.


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