U.S. History Lessons, Courses and Textbooks, Grades 6-12

U.S. History Lessons, Courses and Textbooks, Grades 6-12

Presented here are 20 U.S. History lessons, courses and textbook documents for students in grades 6 through 12 (middle – high school). These are the best US history learning documents curated from a larger collection and provide well-rounded overviews and robust explanations of all aspects of United States History. They are available for immediate download (as usual for all content on this website). All files are in pdf format. For more history education materials, please see 13 U.S & World History Textbooks (K – H.S.) and our history learning page.

American Government Course, Student Lessons (287 pgs, 1.26MB)

American Government Teachers Guide, with Answers (137 pgs, 1.26MB)

American History Course Part 1, Student Lessons (495 pgs, 13.46MB)

American History Course Part 1, Teachers Guide (235 pgs, 4.49MB)

American History Course Part 2, Student Lessons (391 pgs, 7.40MB)

American History Course Part 2, Teachers Guide (353 pgs, 4.30MB)

American History Course Parts 1 & 2 Pacing Guide (24 pgs, 404KB)

American History 2 Final Exam with Answers at end (15 pgs, 748KB)

American History, Founding Principles, Civics, & Economics Exam, Answers at end (15 pgs, 802KB)

AP US History Timeline (33 pgs, 2.39MB)

Lessons from Lincoln (5 pgs, 893KB)

U.S. History to 1865, Bay College Textbook (387 pgs, 4.55MB)

U.S. History 1865 to Present, Bay College Textbook (446 pgs, 8.15MB)

U.S. History Basic, CK-12 Textbook (171 pgs, 6.11MB)

U.S. History Advanced, CK-12 Textbook (181 pgs, 7.99MB)

United States History Textbook, Volume 2 (884 pgs, 127.70MB)

U.S. History, Lesson Plans & Student Sheets in 10 Books, with Activities (545 pgs, 28.86MB)

U.S. History End-of-Course Assessment (91 pgs, 1.54MB)

U.S. History End-of-Course Practice Exam with Answers (21 pgs, 2.73MB)

Young Folks History of the Civil War, Illustrated 1895 (591 pgs, 29.1MB) (epub version, 12.59MB)

U.S. History Handouts and Presentations

U.S. History Online Textbook with Supporting Materials and Videos:

  1. Colonial Period
  2. Revolution
  3. Constitutional Period
  4. Early National Period to Civil War
  5. The Civil War and Aftermath
  6. Emergence of Modern America and Jim Crow
  7. Progressives, Imperialists and WW1
  8. The Great Depression
  9. World War 2
  10. America During World War 2
  11. The Cold War and Aftermath
  12. The Civil Rights Movement
  13. Contemporary America
U.S. History Lessons, Courses and Textbooks, Grades 6-12

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