History Books for Young Readers, by Jacob & John Abbott

History Books for Young Readers, by Jacob and John Abbott

These history books are written as textbooks for classroom instruction or individual study, for levels ranging from fourth grade through high school. Four historical categories are covered, as shown below. Captions within pages can be used as topics, or reformed as questions, and be used for review of the content presented on the pages. These texts are interspersed with engravings (graphics), and each is divided into historical or logical chapters, which facilitates the assignment of lessons. The files are in both pdf and epub formats. Also, a larger 13-point font pdf file is provided for younger readers. Jacob and John Abbott were brothers who excelled at writing engaging and easy-to-read histories and stories.

U.S and American History

Admiral John Paul Jones  –13pt  –epub
Adventures of the Chevalier De La Salle  –13pt  –epub
Benjamin Franklin  –13pt  –epub
Daniel Boone  –13pt  –epub
David Crockett  –13ptepub
Ferdinand De Soto  –13ptepub
George Washington  –13ptepub
Hernando Cortez  –13ptepub
King Philip  –13ptepub
Kit Carson  –13ptepub
Miles Standish, the Puritan Captain  –13ptepub

Ancient History

Alexander the Great  –13ptepub
Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt  –13ptepub
Cyrus the Great  –13ptepub
Darius the Great  –13ptepub
Genghis Khan  –13ptepub
Hannibal   –13ptepub
Julius Caesar  –13ptepub
Nero by Jacob Abbott  –13ptepub
Pyrrhus  –13ptepub
Romulus, Founder of Rome  –13ptepub
Story of the World Book – On the Shores of the Great Sea  –13ptepub
The History of Christianity  –13ptepub
Xerxes 13ptepub

English History

Captain Kidd and Other Buccaneers  –13ptepub
Charles I   –13ptepub
Charles the Second of England  –13ptepub
Henry IV  –13ptepub
King Alfred of England  –13ptepub
Mary Queen of Scots  –13ptepub
Queen Elizabeth I  –13ptepub
Richard I 13ptepub
Richard II  –13ptepub
Richard III  –13ptepub
William the Conqueror  –13ptepub

European History

Frederick the Great  –13ptepub
Louis XIV  – 13ptepub
Marie Antoinette  –13ptepub
Napoleon Bonaparte  –13ptepub
Peter the Great  –13ptepub
The French Revolution of 1789  –13ptepub

History Books for Young Readers, by Jacob and John Abbott

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