Heritage History – 240 Classic Books for Middle Grades

Heritage History – 240 Classic Books for Middle Grades

Here are 240 Heritage History Classic Books for students in the middle grades (and higher). These history and literature reading books will provide a classic and well rounded learning experience for many events and people. Categories linked below include: ancient civilizations, the Middle Ages, United States history, world history, modern times, exploration and travel stories, science and invention, wars and battles, art and music, the Bible and Christian heroes, myths and folk tales, epics and legends, and historical fiction. Many of these heritage history books have illustrations, and they all have a modern typeface and are not scanned, so they are easy to read and enjoy. Each book is available in both pdf and epub formats, and files over 5.0 mb in size are so indicated. You may also like to see these related pages: Heritage History – 140 Classic Books for High School and Beyond, Heritage History – 125 Classic Books for Lower Grades and Classical Greek Books and Stories for Young Readers.

Categories of Classic Heritage History Books:

Ancient Civilizations and Ancient Heroes
Middle Ages and Heroes of the Middle Ages
American History and AMERICAN HEROES
World History
Modern Times and Modern Heroes
Science and Invention
Wars and Battles
Art and Music
The Bible and Christian Heroes
Myths and Folk Tales
Epics and Legends
Historical Fiction and ADAPTED LITERATURE
Heritage History - 240 Classic Books for Middle Grades

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  1. These are amazing lists, thank you. However the links just send me to a voided dropbox page. Error 404. Perhaps you don’t have your sharing on. I have also noticed this on the math pages as well.

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