Heritage History – 125 Classic Books for Lower Grades

Heritage History – 125 Classic Books for Lower Grades

This is the series of 125 Heritage History Classic Books for elementary and lower grade students. These books were written about 100 years ago but provide a good and thorough reading and learning experience for many events and people in world, ancient, middle ages and United States history, without the added fluff and distractions of modern children’s books. These heritage history books have illustrations, a modern typeface and are not scanned, so they are easy to read and enjoy. They are also appropriate for read-aloud to younger children. Each book is available in both pdf and epub formats. You may also like to see these related pages: History Books for Young Readers, by Jacob & John Abbott, 243 Reading Storybooks, Grades K-4 and 70 Classic Story Books for Young People to Read and Enjoy.

Categories of Classic Heritage History Books:

Ancient Civilizations and Heroes
Middle Ages and Heroes Of The Middle Ages
American History and American Heroes
World History
Exploration and Modern Heroes
Bible Stories and Christian Heroes
Epics, Legends, Myths and Folk Tales
Adapted Literature
Historical Fiction
Heritage-History - 125 Classic Books for Lower Grades

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