Heritage History – 140 Classic Books for High School and Beyond

Heritage History – 140 Classic Books for High School and Beyond

Here are 140 Heritage History Classic Books for high school students and beyond. These history and historical related reading books provide a classical learning experience for many areas, countries and people throughout the world. Categories linked below include: Ancient Civilizations and Heroes, Middle Ages and Middle Ages Heroes, Modern Times, American History and American Heroes, World History, Modern Heroes, Exploration, Travel Tales and Memoirs, Science and Invention, The Great War (World War I), Christian Heroes, Epics and Legends, and Historical Fiction and Adapted Literature. Most of these heritage history books have illustrations, and they all have a modern typeface so none are scanned, making them easier to read and enjoy. Each book is available in both pdf and epub formats, and files large than 5.0 mb are so indicated. You may also like to see these related pages: Heritage History – 240 Classic Books for Middle Grades and Heritage History – 125 Classic Books for Lower Grades.

Categories of Classic Heritage History Books:

Ancient Civilizations and Ancient Heroes
Middle Ages and Middle Ages Heroes
Modern Times
American History and American Heroes
World History
Modern Heroes
Exploration, Travel Tales and Memoirs
Wars and Battles
The Great War (World War I)
Christian Heroes
Epics and Legends
Historical Fiction and Adapted Literature
Heritage History - 140 Classic Books for High School and beyond

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