Kindergarten Reading Lessons & Activities by CoreKnowledge

Kindergarten Reading Lessons & Activities by CoreKnowledge

The lessons and activities in this kindergarten reading curriculum focus on sounds, or phonemes, as the primary organizing principle of the program, rather than letters. It includes phonics instruction, but the instruction differs from the sort of phonics usually taught in the United States in that it begins with sounds and then attaches those sounds to spellings. Once learners are familiar with the sound, you will show them how to draw a “picture of the sound.” You will write the letter ‘m’ on the board and explain this is how we make a picture of the /m/ sound. The lessons use a synthetic phonics approach which teaches students to read by blending through the word; it does not teach multiple cueing strategies, use of pictures as a primary resource in decoding, or part-word guessing. The listening units include an anthology, supplemental guide, flip-charts, image cards.

Kindergarten Reading Lessons & Activities by CoreKnowledge

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