High School English on YouTube

Laura Randazzo has posted an excellent and truly wonderful post as a conclusion to her year-long project on creating mini High School English Video Lessons on YouTube. Her website is titled “Solutions for the Secondary Classroom”.

M.U.G. Shot Mondays – 36 videos teaching English mechanics, usage, and grammar skills, with answer keys.

Words on Wednesdays – 36 videos for learning 3 high-level vocabulary words: definition, part of speech, synonym/antonym, and everyday usage.

Freestyle Fridays – 36 videos of English and language arts skills randomly selected as Laura taught through the year.

The entire 108-video series can be viewed here in chronological order.

Laura Randazzo – Solutions for the Secondary Classroom

My year-long project to post mini-lessons three times a week on YouTube is now complete! To keep things tidy and hopefully make things easier for folks to find, I’ve condensed the series to this one blog post and deleted the weekly update posts. Click any of the images below to be taken to the appropriate playlist.

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